A teacher’s car at my high school. ‘69 chevelle SS

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+1489 – A teacher’s car at my high school. ‘69 chevelle SS

2022-05-14 05:50:00

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  1. I had a friend in the late 70’s early 80’s who had this car but it was black. Big ass engine. It was a beast. Got drunk and totaled it.

  2. It’s your History teacher that owns that car, right? Nonetheless, a stunning piece of machinery, that car is.

  3. probably the cool kind of teacher that says “Tomorrow’s homework is to have fun and enjoy life”

  4. Beautiful car. Absolutley gorgeous.

    A teacher at my school has a A90 Supra. Cool but not as cool as a clean as fuck Chevelle.

  5. My father in law talks about the ‘69 SS 396 black with gold racing stripe that he used to have and had to part ways with it because of gas prices. It was a sweet ride from the pics I saw. He definitely gets a kick out of my 6.2 supercharged sound.

    That teacher’s ride is slick.

  6. what class does someone who owns this car teach? stereotypes tell us it would have to be the shop or possibly gym teacher, but I’m curious

  7. My uncle has one of these in light blue. It’s completely redone, I think his probably pushes 600hp.

  8. Rad. 20 years ago now, but our computers teacher had a Olds 442, and the auto mechanics teacher had a unibody F-100 that he’d dropped a 460 (I think) into. Both rarely got driven to school, but the mechanics teacher would park them into the shop to keep them close.

  9. How many of you have actually driven these classic muscle cars? They fucking suck….

  10. Holy Kwapp! What are they paying teachers these days? Finally getting what they’re worth, I see.