Another Denzel tweet ( he’s using internet explorer perhaps?…

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+227 – Another Denzel tweet ( he’s using internet explorer perhaps? )

2022-05-14 19:01:15

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  1. I love denzel but for the past month he’s been chasing banger tweets like a meme page and now he’s tweeting like a hht hot take account idk why he’s doing it he has a good following lmao

  2. It was funny that the two most talked about albums were represented by 9 pregnant emojis and a black square

  3. I hate how this sub talks about art. Just say “Yeah I didn’t like the cover” not” I KNOW YOURE LYING ABOUT LIKING IT ADMIT IT IM TRYING TO FREE YOU FROM THIS MINDCONTROL PLS GET OFF THIS MANS DICK,” you gotta stop thinking you have the only right takes on things

  4. I really like Donda’s artwork. Seriously. Some of you guys have to understand it’s more than just about what it looks like, it’s about the meaning behind it. I find it very meaningful how Kanye could have all and any art in the world and enlist thousands of accomished artists and designers to build the perfect cover, and he opts for a blank picture instead.

  5. Denzel is just doing some corny trolling on his twitter. I really don’t understand how you can get worked up over it.

  6. I don’t know.. black album cover was kind of iconic. It turned into black pfps. Then Ye following people with black pfps. Also Yeezus-minimalist vibes. Also, at least to me, it represents his disregard for industry standards.

    CLB cover art has a good concept but poor execution imo. It feels like he picked it for the shock value, knowing it would be controversial but justifying it with an elite artist.

  7. peope on here really defending black square and pregnant women emojis lol both covers are
    lazy and uncreative af

  8. denzel seems kinda jaded or smthn lol, just the vibe of how he’s talking about bigger names. is it him dissapointed with how his album did numbers wise and he’s frustrated about the industry?

  9. I’ve enjoyed Denzel’s music over the years, but the unwarranted disrespect towards Ye today is so uncalled for. I wonder if it stems from something that happened behind closed doors or that he’s just hating.

  10. In discussing hip hop on reddit in 2022, having a different opinion = dick riding

    I like the Donda cover because it stands out, probably not the first album to just do a black cover, but to me it fits well because A) the album changed so many times while keeping the same name, B) it fits the very minimal aesthetic of the listening parties and songs like jail, and C) its named after his dead mother so the cover is all black

    I like the Certified Lover Boy cover because it is more memorable than the album itself, i clowned it when they released the cover but then the album wasnt great so i kinda don’t care at least its a memorable cover

    And honestly thats kinda the best part of both is that they’re memorable and stay with you

  11. Denzel is right and no one can slander his music either because it’s really fucking good

  12. He’s talking all this shit but if one of them asked for a collab he would be sucking them off

  13. the Donda and CLB commentary is a bit late but he’s not wrong lol both covers suck

    and no, the black square rEpReSeNtInG something isn’t an excuse for a lazy album cover. it was lazy when Gambino did the white cover for 3.15.20 too.

    CLB’s is just cringe and low effort, which tbf fits the album perfectly.