hey everyone I am 15 and I aspire to become a chef like my…

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+359 – hey everyone I am 15 and I aspire to become a chef like my dad. I made these English muffins today I hope it will impress him.

2022-05-14 04:18:06

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712 shares, 853 points


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  1. They look great. I really like English muffins. Unfortunately, they are not as easy or readily available online or local grocery stores as the other the breads and bund.

  2. Muffins looking great. But dafuq is a 15 year old doing on Reddit? Stay safe on the internet, this ain’t a pretty place.

  3. Just focus on improving your craft, absolute focus. One step at a time. Everyone, your father among them, will appreciate that relentless pursuit of perfection, sooner or later.
    Btw they look great!

  4. Great job, mate! I cook reasonably well, but can never get bakery items right. If you have the recipe, please do share. Also, did you use the regular Maida?

  5. These look great ! What do you need to study to become a chef btw?

    And how much does one make in India, if you don’t mind me asking

  6. Idk what English muffins are but darn it I’m hungry now.

    At your age I couldn’t cook if my life depended on it. Great job.

  7. Nice. Btw I love English breakfast. India should have some restaurants to serve that too with a little bit of indian flavour.

  8. They Look Absolutely Fantastic And I Hope One Day You Will Become A Great Chef Like Your Dad