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+277 – Hi! https://www.instagram.com/p/CdgqrpVO1aJ/

2022-05-14 02:09:38

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542 shares, 836 points


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  1. This is probably the best Kenshi art I’ve seen. Really love the grittiness. Maybe drop a link to your IG, it’s annoying for mobile users to copy paste.

  2. That actually happened to me in my kenshi game. Except they took a hiver Prince from my group

    I returned after training, and spent the next number of months hunting down the fogmen, making a base inside the fog lands, and taking their heads for the bounty. Our base was a checkpoint on the road to mongrel, and merchants often had to come to our gates. Due to our actions, the road to mongrel became safe for the most part, as long as you didn’t ver too far off the beaten path.

    Fogmen, I felt, slowly started to go extinct in the fog lands due to my hunting being near endless.

  3. This just adds even more fear of the fog men that’ll have nightmares about… 10 out of 10 art

  4. Thanks! Gorgeous art! I’m sure this image will be what pops into my mind, next time I hear screams in the distance…

  5. I will never forget the first time I got stuck in Mongrel and had to follow guard patrols as they killed fogmen until my squad got skilled enough to outrun them

  6. Damnnn. Nice work! It’s been a while since I played kenshi, but this might be what gets me to reinstall since I have more free time this summer

  7. Brutal tío, me recuerda al Wolfskin de Warren Ellis. Un trabajazo, ojalá te fichara Lo-Fi para el 2!