Hideo Kojima my beloved

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+713 – Hideo Kojima my beloved

2022-05-14 20:20:00

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Hideo Kojima my beloved from Gamingcirclejerk

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332 shares, 815 points


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  1. I mean, it kinda did prove that if a person is charismatic enough then the insane shit they yell will still have some idiots go “You know what? He has a point!”, based on how fans reacted to Armstrong.

  2. uj/ We need more sci-fi political thrillers. If there’s one thing Metal Gear proves, its that no matter how crazy the setting and aesthetic of your story is, any piece of media can tell a mature and insightful story.

    Imagine playing as like, a Palestinean freedom fighter, but you can shoot lazers and shit. Or a Hong Kong rebel, but you also drive a sci-fi spider tank.

    Point is, I want real-world stories, in completely fictional settings. And the more political, the better.

  3. They’ve also got this really cool and sexy character who’s super hung that I’d love to fuck (I’m not gay) I really wish he was real but I won’t say any names

  4. Go back to MGS2 and Kojima had basically predicted American post 9/11 military doctrine, using the internet for spreading disinformation and fake news, even the word meme gets said by a character using its original definition and context.