[Holder] I considered not tweeting this because I know the…

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+142 – [Holder] I considered not tweeting this because I know the replies will be extreme in either direction, but… Alec Pierce had some moments of dominance in today’s Colts rookie camp practice. Absolutely killed it in the red zone. 👀

2022-05-14 18:39:29

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  1. Holder also tweeted that it doesn’t mean it’s what he’ll be in September…

    Just that in camp, he is what they expected. Looks the best.

    I like Holder in one respect, that he never goes too overboard on stuff. It’s great to hear he’s doing really good in camp though.

  2. As the Colts reporter he was considering not tweeting an update about the Colts’ top pick because the replies would just be too crazy….?

  3. I’m telling you guys right now. Going into next season we will be talking about him as the #1. That’s not a slight to Pittman but how good this kid might be.