I bet 100$ that guy is still crying to this day.

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+319 – I bet 100$ that guy is still crying to this day.

2022-05-14 19:04:31

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I bet 100$ that guy is still crying to this day. from battlefield2042

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582 shares, 840 points


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  1. This always makes me sad because he is so legit excited, and I was too when I watched it.
    I was ready for something like a new BF4 but oh well…They really did him dirty.

  2. He was the original goat that actually did this in game very understandable. Its shame a crying shame

  3. Love the dudes reaction. I can dismally say that is probably how the EA executives felt/feel when all those sales of an unfinished/empty AAA game hit their bank accounts.

  4. That video was the only reason I pre-ordered instead of waiting 6 months to buy it…. Man, what a bait and switch they pulled. 🙁

  5. Shit… I’m crying because I got fucked with 100 dollars and i was not even close to happy when I saw this trailer

  6. Like the rest of us. I lit up like a kid when I saw this. Searched google for BF2042 every day trying to get ANY new info. Shared everything with the boys….Seriously hurt to see what they did to our beloved franchise.

    I remember being a kid thinking… OMG in the future when PC’s can handle much more this is going to be the most insane experience ever

  7. How you guys got hyped over a fucking cinematic trailer is so funny how could you not see how fake this was

  8. Battlefield 2042 got fucked up because almost everyone that worked at dice left after battlefield 1