I wear a lanyard keychain

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+268 – I wear a lanyard key chain around my neck to ensure I don’t lose my keys. In almost every store I visit, regardless of my attire, someone always asks me for directions to products. 90% of the time, I have no idea where the product is. In those instances, my answer is always something like isle 6, bottom shelf or go straight and take a left. If I know where the product is, I’ll take the time to either bring the other person to that said item, or give detailed directions to it.

My lanyard does have ID badges attached to it, but I never wear clothes that makes me look like an employee in any store this happens in.

In the past, I have had many people get mad at me for telling them I do not work at the stores (some never believe me). I find it easier to just give the people directions so they leave immediately.

(Edit #2) I did not mean for this post to offend anyone, though everything seems to be offensive to someone on the internet. My apologies.

(Edit #3) Some of the people commenting on this post tend to think that I am bothered by people asking me for help at a store. It does not bother me to be asked. I am simply telling you what I wear, why I wear it, and how I respond to people that ask for help without observing or asking if I work at the establishment.

(Edit #4) The IDs on my lanyard are blank. Just scanners. One is technically a train pass with nothing but the train pass logo on it.

2022-05-14 14:50:29

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  1. I wear a lanyard with an ID for work, and I’ll sometimes run to a store during my lunch hour and forget to take it off.

    A couple years ago (pre Covid) I was at a big box store, just to grab a couple things. This lady assumed I worked there – red polo shirt and lanyard, I can understand the mistake. But she just wouldn’t believe me when I said I didn’t work there. “But you’re wearing a store ID!” Finally I took off the lanyard and shoved it in my pocket, and walked to the checkout.

  2. >(Edit:) My lanyard does have ID badges attached to it, but I never wear clothes that makes me look like an employee in any store this happens in.

    Thats bull, and you know it!

    You *DEFINATELY*. Work. Here.!

    Who *else* could POSSIBLY wear a lanyard besides the employees of THIS. STORE.?!?!

    And, so **what** about your clothes. It’t not *MY* business if this store is having “Casual Tuesday”.


  3. Lanyard = you work here, regardless of where “here” is and whether you look *anything* like the actual employees.

  4. not wearing your ID outside or at least hiding it in your shirt is good for your safety with not being mistaken as an employee as a bonus.I was attacked 6 months into my first job by a man who had a bill going to collection agency. He had just gotten off the phone with them in a temper and then saw me on the train wearing my ID with the company logo. He had 100 pounds on me and I was in hospital for 6 months.

    I didn’t work in billing and had no authority to send anything to collections.He just wanted someone to take it out on and the universe and I provided.

  5. I could have wrote this story. This exact same thing happens to me at stores because of my lanyard that holds my hand sanitizer and also has an I.d. badge holder. Just yesterday I was at a store and this nice lady came up and asked me where something was and I politely turned to her and said “I don’t work here”. She said “oh I saw your thing (pointing to my lanyard) and thought you did”. I picked it up and flopped it around and said “don’t worry, I get that a lot”. She said she was sorry and we both parted ways.

  6. (*Edit#1) My lanyard does have ID badges attached to it, but I never wear clothes that makes me look like an employee in any store this happens*

    I worked in retail from my early teens and was often mistaken for an employee in many shops whilst wearing my branded uniform for my then employer.

  7. As someone with a similar fear, i use a carabiner and clip them to whatever lair of pants im wearing (dont need a belt loop to do so, works fine with shorts and sweatpants).

    I’ve only ever had them fall a single time. I think it was just old and broken on that occasion.

    Never had anyone question it.

  8. I learned this the hard way, I ended up just hiding my badge in my pocket.

    In your case it’s different because you don’t want to lose them, my only suggestion is to maybe put your keys behind your shirt when you’re out? It’ll still be around your neck, they just won’t see it anymore. It may look or feel funny, but as long as no one sees the ID, they won’t think you work there.

  9. I have a light jacket that I wear over my work clothes when I’m not actually working … Been doing it for years and it’s pretty cool proof. Even if I am at the store where I work and people recognize me they can tell that I’m not on the clock.

  10. I wear a lanyard that reads ‘I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE BE PATIENT’ that I wear in public, no one has mistook me for an employee YET

  11. Uh oh, you’ve stumbled upon the covert trick government top spies use to infiltrate the enemy.

  12. My mother wore her keys on her lanyard also. Maybe tuck them inside your shirt so they are less visible?

  13. Why not tuck your lanyard under your shirt? Unless these people are rude, misdirecting them seems kind of mean.

  14. I love the fact you send them on a wild goose chase. Serves them right for not being observant.

  15. Seems like you’re asking for it if you are constantly wearing a lanyard. “So I don’t lose my keys” is a pretty odd reason–99% of people keep their keys in pockets or a purse, without issues.

  16. > I find it easier to just give the people directions so they leave immediately

    So you just find it easier to lie to/misdirect people. Gotcha.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just take the damn lanyard off and stick it in your pocket when you enter a store? Nah, that’s too reasonable…