It is probably the best thing to do. we need to feed our…

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+202 – It is probably the best thing to do. we need to feed our country before feeding other country

2022-05-14 03:47:14

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  1. Yes.

    Govt wanted India to export surplus wheat which it had accumulated after buying at MSP in the last few yew years. Since last 2 months WTO was not allowing us to sell those wheat as it was subsidized and we were asking other country to convince WTO.

    Now after severe heatwaves in last few weeks; we know now wheat production will be lower, so to control wheat prices India will use those grains within the nation. But inflation will increase more in other countries , because they were expecting supplies from India, the prices remained low.

  2. Good news, not because we need to feed our country first, but because of the bad harvest estimates for the next crop cycle.

  3. Global warming and the current heat wave have made things unpredictable. Better to have reserves on hand and not need it. Like other countries can hoard oil, agricultural economies can hoard grains.

  4. That’s the shittiest decision possible

    We waste a fuck ton of food grains yearly and have 4x the reserves needed.

  5. EDIT: People downvoting this post is case in point above :D. Anyway do read the below too

    TLDR: “The Indian market has sufficient stocks, and India is in a comfortable position to meet requests from wheat importing countries,” Sudhanshu Pandey, the most senior civil servant at the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, told Reuters in an interview.

    India has THREE times the BUFFER stock. One bad year of production and we panic. Bad economics and bad ideas spread worse than contagion in this country.

  6. yo i was planning on yolo-ing my money into Adani Wilmar, this doesn’t affect Wilmar right, as they are not into wheat?

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