Kids got an arm.

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2022-05-14 19:34:22

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Kids got an arm. from nextfuckinglevel

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  1. And he’s got it on video, but part of me wishes they signed that ball before throwing it back.

  2. The guy who threw it back (I’m guessing Stafford since it was a laser with the flick of his wrist) you can see him watch the kid throw and celebrate the throw before asking to throw it back.

  3. perfect throw on a moving target at higher elevation, impressive. receiver didn’t even have to move! glad the kid can also catch.

  4. TIL there are a lot of dads on Reddit. “Actually he has two arms” *chuckles to himself, then closes laptop and returns to “resting his eyes”*

  5. How are they the world champion when the sport is played in only one country? When a football (soccer) team wins the national league they don’t call themselves world champions. I unlike most Europeans and my fellow Brits actually like American football but this “world champion” shit makes it seem like the USA is the whole world.

  6. The Womens Football Olympic team are world champions, these guys are not.

    Prove me wrong ***with words.***

  7. My main take on this is the word “World” before Champions on the bus. National/American champions, ok. World, no. Unproven. Likely, but unproven.