[media] This looks very familiar

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+1301 – [media] This looks very familiar

2022-05-14 09:21:33

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  1. **Cursed plot-twist:** [Spoiler Discussion]>!After the failure of passing the trials in the Sanctuary, a now broken yet ‘love-struck’ GreedIF Emilia regularly asks Subaru to brush her teeth, which has become a daily ritual amongst other ‘things’ she too requests to have ‘brushed’ by the man she ‘loves’, ‘loves’, and ‘loves’ so very much.!<

  2. Why do people spoiler tag something that’s just NSFW? I have the nsfw blur turned off so I see it immediately, but if I see something I’d rather not, it will be my fault.

    A monogatari reference is not really a spoiler (at least in this case), so please don’t spoiler tag it.

    Edit: it was previously spoiler tagged, now it’s not.