Our boy AB official weigh in and face off.

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+368 – Our boy AB official weigh in and face off.

2022-05-14 04:15:20

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Our boy AB official weigh in and face off. from h3h3productions

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522 shares, 834 points


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  1. I’m proud of him. He has an incredible work ethic and doesn’t half ass anything. He trained with Wildcard under Freddie Roach, I’m confident for an h3 win. I’ll see y’all in the live chat.

  2. It’s crazy how they’re so close in weight but their body composition looks different

  3. He honestly doesn’t look that much smaller than hundar. Not at all what I expected just looking at pictures of them individually.

  4. I’m seriously so excited to see everyone’s hard work pay off.

    Something about how seriously everyone is taking it, but still having fun, makes this very compelling, even for a non boxing fan such as myself

  5. Awww this made me so emotional and I don’t even know why 😂 rooting for AB! Let’s gooooo

  6. Can someone tell me what the point of this is? Like is Ian donating money raised from this to charity or is it just for the hell of it?

  7. Man if I was about to face off with Brett, I would sound like Trevor that time he spilled a milkshake in Brett’s car