Pick 3 to protect you, and the rest are gonna try to kill…

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+541 – Pick 3 to protect you, and the rest are gonna try to kill you

2022-05-14 14:05:49

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  1. Ron for his survival skills and bravery, April for her scheming mind and Ann as nurse to keep me alive if something does happen. Seems like a good group to protect me

  2. Everybody is saying April, but they forget how easily overpowered she was by Ann at Gurgich Christmas.

    Ron, Donna, ANN all day baby

  3. Ron, Donna, and *Ann*, obviously; everyone saying April is gonna get turned on and murdered. And Ann has medical expertise to help us recover from battle.

  4. April, Donna, Ron, obviously. HOWEVER:

    Allow me make a case for Andy. He’s an idiot, yes, but a loyal idiot. Plus, in the telethon episode he really stepped up to Sewage Joe on behalf of April and pretty much scared the shit out of him. He flipped that protective switch immediately. Donna is cutthroat, but Donna looks out for Donna.

  5. Everyone saying Ron, April and Donna is dead, April will be indifferent to your survival at best but will more likely sabotage you just to make things interesting.

    Ron and Donna are correct answers, third pick is either Leslie (loyal and tenacious) or Jerry (expendable cannon fodder)

  6. April, Ron, and Leslie.

    April could do it.
    Ron could and would know how to do it.
    Leslie wouldn’t give up until she did it, and would have multiple binders detailing ways to kill you.

  7. Ron and April, taking Jerry third to sacrifice him to the rest so we can make a break for it.

  8. Ron, Leslie, and April

    Ron….cause he’s Ron F-ing Swanson

    Leslie, cause while not violent I will definitely be cared for.

    April, just not to have her against me.

    My only remaining concern is Donna

  9. Ron, April and Ann.

    Ron for his actual survival skills.

    April for her scheming (and she’d take Andy out of play).

    Ann, because she’d take Leslie out of play, which in turn would take Ben out of play.

    Then I’d just have to worry about Tom and Jerry.

    Easy peasy. Oh wait… Donna… yeah, I’m dead.

  10. I choose Ron, Donna, and April to protect me. The rest are too nice, too by the book, too distractable, or too dumb to get past that crew.

    And those three would be way too effective attackers.

  11. I was gonna say what everyone else is already saying! There are no other answers to this question.

  12. See a lot of yall saying April I don’t think she’s got motivation to help keep you alive and wouldn’t care to 😂 Leslie on the other hand would have 2 full binders on how to protect you

  13. Ron – obvious reasons

    April – fights dirty

    Jerry – the others would try to kill him first, allowing me to flee