Pitbull attacks woman protecting her dog

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+261 – Pitbull attacks woman protecting her dog

2022-05-14 17:56:13

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Pitbull attacks woman protecting her dog from BanPitBulls

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502 shares, 832 points


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  1. Saw the video on the front page of reddit a few moments ago. When I saw that it was locked I immediately knew why. A deluge of comments defending this garbage. It is probably a character deficiency on my part, but I make serious judgments of someone who not only owns a pit bull, but chooses to crusade about how loving they are.

    I got into a heated argument with my sister-in-law about her pit bull and how unsafe it was. My mothers dog had its throat nearly ripped out by a pit and had to have serious surgery and a penrose drain. Thing just lost its mind at the city park and the owner just let it open. “That’s just a bad owner!”

    Lo and behold, her “sweetie” pitbull killed their two cats a year or so later. She should be thanking heaven above it wasn’t her two year old.

    This breed has no place in our world anymore. Wonderful to see that this sub exists.

    Edit: To clarify, as my clarifying comment in response to OP was removed by automod due to mentioning the other sub explicitly. This video is currently showing up on popular in a different sub with a huge number of upvotes. If you are bothered by people fighting to defend pit bulls, I recommend not going to that video, as it is filled to the brim with pit bull apologism. Thankfully those comments are being downvoted to hell.

  2. A dog that has that level of aggression needs to be ended… Tell me any factual reason why that dog needs to be alive after this?

  3. Thank goodness that guy came up to help and knew what to do. The other lady was just letting the dog go to town on her friend

  4. Pitnutters be like why is that guy strangling my sweetest boy who would not hurt a fly, obviously that dog was provoking the pitty. He just playing why cant i guys accept the pittty is playing and let the sweetest boi who wont hurt a fly just rip her leg off, god. That man should be charged with attempted murder

  5. I don’t want to listen to the audio… but she’s screaming. Her waving her hands is pure panic and fear…. and pain. This breaks my heart. All to protect their pups

  6. The man that choked it out is a badass. Good for him, but it’s ridiculous that we have to learn all these tips and tricks on how to stop a pitbull from mauling someone to death in the first place. People shouldn’t have to learn MMA fighting skills just to be able to take their dogs on a walk. It’s fucking ridiculous.

  7. If only he had held on for 5 more minutes so that animal control or any similar group could come pick up pibbles so they coukd resuscitate it and rehome it.

  8. That’s so sweet during the attack they were still very worried about keeping their dog safe. I thought that guy that came over with the metal bar was there to beat the dog with it😂

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  10. why does the woman grab her allowing the pibble to attack

    why does the guy just let it run away…

  11. You sure its a pitbull? In other sub they said its some other breed, some kind of a boxer or a bulldog.