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+150 – So, I went to dinner tonight with some friends in nyc and one was a big shot pr guy. I asked if he ever dealt with Hillary. Low down is yes, says most in the industry think she’s a raving lunatic climber and he’s talented but raging anger monster.

One bit of real tea he told me was that when Griftmas happened he was told that Alec demanded Ireland defend Hillary— she was forced by him directly to stand up for her. The whole family was rallied to say something by him. That made me sad for Ireland.

He also said word is Alec honestly thought he was getting this young exotic Spanish beauty and was full on duped in beginning.

Now it’s far gone and at events (like recent philharmonic he went to) no one wants anything to do with her.

This was a high powered person….

Wish I had more my sweet pepinos!

2022-05-14 05:28:45

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  1. After all I’ve heard about the way he’s treated Ireland, it makes me even more scared for those innocent children.

  2. I’ve heard this before too (minus the Ireland bit) from someone I know whose in the entertainment industry. I’ve always believed he was duped. And him continuing to push on with this narrative is full on denial.

  3. Alec expects loyalty from everyone around him but he’s the first one to throw Hillary under the bus when it suits him.

  4. Interesting that when he finds out he was duped he continues to flog a dead horse rather than accepting he was sold a dead horse.

  5. Alec didnt do a background check on the women he dates? He was practically inviting gold diggers then.

  6. Thanks for the tea! You’ve confirmed what a lot of pepinos have suspected and I especially like the part that she’s a social pariah. Being ignored is one of her worst fears, obviously, and I’m pleased whenever we get additional confirmation of that. Might as well move to Vermont because no one in NY or the Hamptons gives her the time of day.

  7. Hillary’s always been side eyed at everything. LOL. Her public efforts to get attention with the yoga poses cooked that dinner long ago. Not surprised that Alec got duped. He probably saw the signs but wasn’t sure what it was and by then too late.

  8. Spot on. The whole situation is so far beyond wrecked but that’s the industry. A great deal of the people are stone cold nuts! Look at the Depp trial. It’s the kids who pay the price for that wealth & instability 💔

  9. I would literally pay to be a fly on that wall when Alec found out that Hillary isn’t Spanish

  10. As vapid and disturbing as that industry gets. It’s his life, he’s playing the game. His poor daughter, Ireland was born into the madness. Great tea, thanks

  11. Poor Ireland. I have hoped for years she would estrange herself from them. It seems harsh but she seems a broken kid turned struggling woman and there’s nothing she can do to rescue those kids that are raised by nannies that can speak up anytime.

  12. So….110% of everything we’ve ever said about him here is absofuckinglutely correct?!?!

  13. I agree I think he may have suspected but didn’t care as long as it served him. The way he has protected and promoted her is disgraceful. He is smart enough to know better

    Sorry this was meant as a reply for below!

  14. He’s so mean to Ireland, the only person who probably loves him unconditionally and has a good heart. He craps all over everything decent and worships that soulless jerk. Because he’s one too.

  15. Not suprising at all that Peepaw demanded that of Ireland, he likely threatened to cut off the $$$$
    No wonder she choses to live all the way across the country from the Feral (but not Spanish!) Circus

  16. Thanks, OP. I don’t doubt she tricked Alec but I still think they deserve each other. It’s a match made in hell. I just wish the kids had someone to protect them.