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2022-05-14 09:33:16

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  1. At first I was wondering what was wrong with drag racing. Then I remembered that drag meant a different thing elsewhere

  2. This man, in a strangled voice, “I don’t know”

    It’s a magical experience seeing someone discover something new about themselves that they didn’t know.

  3. Fucking hell, up until the last sentence i thought they were talking about drag racing

  4. Took a old military buddy to his first drag show up in Seattle. He was very skeptical and I probably couldn’t have convinced him if he hadn’t been drinking. The look of pure joy on his face when a Taylor Swift performer came on… I’ll never forget it.

  5. Well, I’m not dumb but I can’t understand, why she walk like a woman and talk like a man.

  6. We told a known homophobe buddy of ours after his first drag show that it was a drag show. After his first lap dances, after he tried to kiss someone and after he got a few numbers. Anyway, once the initial anger and panic attack wore off, he got really modern really quickly.

  7. Fun fact! Modern drag is fronted by a cis guy who’s super transphobic!

    Fun fact 2: no one in drag calls him out on it because that would mean not being famous.

    Fun fact 3: drag used to largely be for trans women before being co-opted by cis gays making a mockery of femininity.

    Fun fact four: ru fracks on his land.

  8. As a straight man, I’ve seen two drag shows in my life, and both were phenomenal!
    You haven’t lived till you’ve see a 6’5 man doing the can can in 6 inch heels!

  9. Dude if you’re going to make up a funny fish out of water type story for the internet to like, maybe make the setup just a tad less on the nose than “Honey, are you straight?” It’s like you had an AI write the drag queen’s line.