The Florida Panthers have won their first playoff series…

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+9118 – The Florida Panthers have won their first playoff series since 1996

2022-05-14 02:49:05

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  1. The last time the Panthers won a series:

    – 2pac and Biggie were still alive.

    – Independence Day was #1 Movie in the world, with a young perfect up and comer named Will Smith as its star.
    – Dunkaroos could be found in your local grocery store (APPARENTLY THEY ARE BACK?)

    – Goku was fighting Majingbu in Japanese.

    – The N64 released

    – The spice girls gave us specific instructions if we wanted to be their lovers

    – The house hippo debuted in Canadian homes, and I looked desperately for the one in my home. A house in Surrey, BC. That my parents bought for $80,000 dollars.

  2. For the first time in Seattle Kraken, Vegas Golden Knights, Columbus Blue Jackets, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, Atlanta Thrashers/Winnipeg Jets 2.0 history, the Florida Panthers have won a playoff series.

  3. Congrats Florida bros. It was a really good series, happy caps was able to prove the naysayers wrong about getting swept

    I hope you guys win the cup. Florida having both teams win back to back would be insane and hilarious coming from a state with no winter. Also would bring more popularity to the sport in my second favorite state!

  4. I picked Florida to go deep in my 2016 and 2021 brackets. Picked them to lose to Washington. You’re welcome.

  5. I love Claude Giroux. Hell of a game from him

    ^(I love Bob and Gudas too… and Robert Hagg)

  6. The Florida Panthers have now made the 2nd round more recently than the Toronto Maple Leafs have, and the Toronto maple leafs now official have the longest postseason series win drought

  7. It’s going to take me forever to reply to all the “first round exit” comments on the internet..

  8. I ain’t even mad. I just moved back to Florida and all I can say is I want one of those sweaters. Helps counteract the sea of Lightning around me

  9. So, I’m a 40 year old grown ass man who grew up in South Florida and I’ve been a Panthers fan since inception. I remember going to a preseason game with my dad their inaugural year and we were very much trying to figure out the basic hockey rules.

    I went to most of the games during their 1996 playoff run, including the last game against the Avs.

    And then over the years my fandom kind of waned. I left the state for a while, moved back, moved away again, and now I’m settled in Central Florida where for years the ONLY team I couldn’t watch was the Panthers, because it’s Tampa Bay Lightning territory but somehow the Panthers were also blacked out on [NHL.TV](https://NHL.TV) for me too. We also mostly sucked. But then this year, all of a sudden aroung midseason, I was able to watch the games on Hulu, and we were pretty awesome, so I watched more and more.

    With all that as preface, I just want to say that this win made me happier than I would have expected. It took me right back to 14 year-old me back in 1996. In a weird way, by being so bad, for so long…it makes this win just hit differently because you have to go so far back in time to try to connect to that same feeling. When the Miami Heat win, it reminds me of what I was doing when I was 38. But the Panthers have sucked for so long that they have managed to preseve this piece of my childhood to be re-experienced just now, as a 40 year old grown ass man.

    And the neat thing is I’ll get to reexperience this in my 80s when the Dolphins finally win a playoff game.

  10. Congrats Cats bros! I’ll be pulling for you if the Avs get eliminated. I hope we have a 1996 rematch with the same exact result as last time 🙂

  11. In a shocking upset, the Florida Man makes the news for something positive. Putin in shambles.

  12. I had just moved from Ohio to South Florida in fall 95, I was 12. Panthers hockey was so much fun back then. Paul Laus and Ed Jovanovski and Beezer and Mellanby and all of them were so much fun to watch.

    I moved back to Ohio 3 years after, but I’ve always loved the Panthers. Haven’t followed them as much since, but I always keep an eye on them. This is a fun team, let’s run back Panthers v Avalanche in the finals.

  13. Pretty hyped as a Leaf fan. Carter Verhaeghe is from a neighbouring town and I try to collect all his memorabilia. The one that got away, from the Leafs. Tampa also made a huge huge error letting him walk.

  14. I wasn’t even born when the panthers last won a round. This is a special squad that I’m really glad I’m able to watch 🥲

  15. Grew up in NY as an Islander fan in their heyday before my parents moved down to FL while I was in college in 91. I’d come down and was forced to go to sports bars to watch my Islanders play (no NHL packages back then and shout out to The Penalty Box a long closed hockey-themed French-Canadian owned bar in Hollywood FL with a sand volleyball court out front). Then the team was announced by the rich dude that owned Blockbuster. I figured it was fair to start with a new expansion team from scratch.

    Drive or took tri-rail down to Miami Arena (such a shithole). Lived and breathed it. Went crazy during the 96 cup run, rats and all. Triple overtime vs the Avs to see the cup awarded to them on our ice. Hated that.

    Since it’s been a revolving door of coaches, GMS, rebuilding from the last rebuild, great individual players here and there but no consistency other than consistently just mediocre. Styles change, but “just better than average” seemed to stay.

    Then last year. Felt different. This year obviously has been great, and has been the most joyful time watching sports since I saw Gillies, Bossy, Nystrom, Potvin, Tonelli, Billy Smith and the gang light it up for 4 straight when I was 10.