There are two kinds of bartenders in this world… Lol

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+178 – There are two kinds of bartenders in this world… Lol

2022-05-14 17:13:23

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  1. Bank. Faced. Only.

    Get used to doing it on slow shifts and, like *everything we do*, the speed and second nature effortless execution come shortly after.

  2. I end up just using all the 1s I get to tip other people because I don’t like having a bunch of 1s, but then I realized I’m just perpetuating the cycle by giving them to someone else

  3. Me on the inside vs me on the outside when I’m in the weeds. I’ll be honest tho, that first pic just filled me with so much anger so quickly I actually kinda startled myself.

  4. Not a bartender. Massively OCD on cash alignment. I almost had a panic attack seeing photo #1.

  5. Busy and not busy? lol I don’t have time to worry about which way bills face I got too much shit going in haha

  6. Man I used to have a guy selling me weed who wouldn’t take “dirty money” as in pic 1. Didn’t really get it til I became a bartender. But also, that weed was not that good anyway

  7. If I’m dropping into a machine, number 1. Otherwise 2, as while I don’t give a shit, it bothers others.

  8. For the life of me I cant understand why anyone would care about facing and arranging bills to look nice in a drawer nobody will see. You know its a $1 bill, I know its a $1 bill in fact all of the bills in that spot are $1 so whats the point.

  9. I had a shitty manager who used to throw a fit if everything wasn’t faced. He was an overbearing tool so I started leaving them unfaced on purpose…sorry, I was just too busy to do it, sir.

  10. Dont yall ever get fresh bills from the bank?

    You gotta keep em like #1, because #2 they all stick together.

  11. First pic is my lotto box and till money when first getting on the floor. It bothers me so bad to where I actually go in early to straighten it out.