This girl is banana sandwich

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+522 – This girl is banana sandwich

2022-05-14 15:56:15

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  1. “Block me… BLOCK ME… Please for the love of god block me, I literally can’t stop myself, STOP MAKING ME MORTIFY MYSELF.”

  2. very very fake lmao. look at her profile picture. look at OPs comment history. hilarious.

  3. It makes me wonder if it isn’t just about them being miserable with themselves and that’s it. So every time they get that feeling, they will target someone to blame for it, that’s why there’s always sudden explosion.

  4. Aren’t you the person who has posted so many times screen shots of women you have talked to here as nice girl ? Everytime you called them crazy and also posted how they call you multiple times.This isn’t a place for your talks gone wrong. Also, context missing. In her text she says you didn’t reply for two days as well as we don’t know what kind of relationship and kind of texting you both did. I have seen some anxious people like her in either gender and them being declared psycho over internet only to be found out them being ghosted or treated bad. I would suggest her to seek help than be such low person.
    I have a feeling you call any woman you ghosted crazy and post half ass story here.

    Edit : OPs comment history is dead give away about how he treats women.

  5. She turned so quickly lol. Although I’m confused as to why you were so blunt and cold at the start? But I’m guessing there’s some missing context

  6. Holy crap! So cringe! OP you suck too.
    Why put yourself into that position and post the cringe for internet points

  7. She gives great head though, crazy can fuck

    Rule #69: Crazy Fucks

    Just kidding this is an nlp bot, probably a grad students gpt-2 project