[Toronto Star] This Toronto animator is documenting the…

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+931 – [Toronto Star] This Toronto animator is documenting the Maple Leafs season, one comic at a time (shoutout u/Brianbeleafs)

2022-05-13 18:45:48

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682 shares, 850 points


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  1. The man is a treasure. Hope he has nothing but success. His passion and creativity is palpable. Love to see it.

  2. I love this for him!

    Does anyone else feel like our little secret is out now? Silly, I know but but it always felt like a treat for our sub.

    But Brian, I’m SUPER PROUD OF YOU!!!

  3. Fantastic recognition! Congrats and we’ll deserved, and hope it leads you to bigger and better opportunity (but don’t ever stop what you do here please!).

  4. Cool article and certainly some well deserved wider publicity for his work. Win or lose, it always puts a smile on my face seeing what Brian comes up with. Hopefully this blows up his kickstarter too.

  5. It must be amazing to have a gift that brings such happiness to others. Glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves.

  6. On the one hand, congratulations, /u/BrianBeLeafs!

    On thr other hand, we’re able to get flooded with people’s crazy uncles.

  7. Posters like Brian are one of many many reasons that The Passion That Unites Us All is head and shoulders above other fan bases!

  8. “His animation background really comes out when he can emphasize physical traits like Matthews’ moustache or Pierre Engvall’s neck.”

    Lol. Congrats Brian!

  9. 04/14/2020 “Would you do on comic per game and put it in a poster?”

    Brian’s Response: I don’t know. That would be pretty tiring.

    Today: Living the dream

  10. I will one hundred percent buy this book if the Leafs do the big thing. Books with sad endings make me sad.