What’s up with having to conserve energy this weekend? Is…

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+359 – What’s up with having to conserve energy this weekend? Is this going to be a common thing now? Risk of no heat during winter and now conserving energy when it’s hot out?

2022-05-14 16:11:30

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  1. Protip: When notices like this go out, and you have a smart thermostat like a Nest, especially one provided by your electric provider, you might want to check if it has been adjusted without you knowing.

  2. We are getting the same story…generators are offline so production is low.

    I understand maintenance, seems like they should schedule that better.

    But I’m sure I’m wrong. I’ll leave.

  3. This is really pissing me off. Leadership in Texas has failed us. Abbott will piss away our tax dollars away on everything but things that actually make our lives better. Time to vote these stooges out.

    Like they found his stupid border inspection stunt turned up nothing and now Mexico is talking about rerouting those routes to New Mexico instead. Obviously hurt the supply chain as well.

  4. They’re trying to wean us off dependence from our own grid we pay for. this is a shadow tax- you want consistent power better get a generator. goes with other shadow taxes: car dependence, flood insurance, toll roads, property tax hikes and new ones being brain-birthed at the governor’s mansion.

  5. They’d rather build a fucking wall and let produce spoil at the boarder than fix the grid. Come on people, vote!

  6. Just like in African countries I did business in for five years. We’re devolving from first world country to rolling brownouts. Even blackouts.

  7. I work in Property management in Houston , and the amount of energy that is waisted in commercial , residential and government buildings and structures buildings is ridiculous , there needs to be timers and boundaries set to control lights , fans , and anything else that can be controlled ,etc.

  8. I guess all our tax dollars went to make sure transgender kids never feel safe instead of to the power grid.

  9. ERCOT let out a report stating the forecasted demand for energy is greater than the potential output. Therefore, ERCOT is asking the general public to start reserving power while they can to avoid any sort of energy blowout.

  10. Welcome to the failed state of Texas, global warming! (Note: am native Texan, so don’t tell me to leave).

  11. Abbott paying back all the bribes he got to not make the oil/gas and electrical companies keep the grid up. Shareholders come first citizens of Texas are last on the list.

  12. Abbott is more concerned about teenagers genitals than he is making sure Texans have access to basic amenities.

  13. The failures of free market oligopoly capitalism. Texas power grid is one of, if not the, most unregulated in the country. Having some back up resources would be good, but it costs money on the margins for generating companies to keep a supply around they don’t use all the time.
    There were good economic reasons this country had “regulated utilities” from the 1930s until the early 2000’s.

  14. Welcome to life on your own grid, brought to you by the corporate-socialism parasites Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, and Co.

    It’s one of the main reasons I will be moving my family. There’s no way our future here in Texas doesn’t include weeks without power due to heat waves or ice storms, and constant rolling blackouts. No fucking thanks.

  15. Republicans gonna’ Republican. If you’re not rich, suck it up and ride it out.

    Or die.

  16. I’m only a couple of blackouts away from leaving this 3rd world shithole state.

    I love Houston and its people, but jesus christ, the energy grid is such a basic necessity.

  17. I say crank that shit up all the way like they said. My powers running full throttle . Break the system only way to get it fixed

  18. Regulations are written in blood.

    We saw the cost of Republican governance a year ago during the freeze – many Texans died.