Which one?

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+319 – Which one?

2022-05-14 22:43:11

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  1. As much as I love scorch, and as much as thermite would be a horrible way to die, the A-10 is faster, sees more, has longer range, has the longer ranged weapon, has the more powerful weapon, and can level a building to get me if it needs to.

  2. Aside from the “Papa Scorch” memes? A-10 wins, every time. Heavy Titans like Scorch are basically armored vehicles, and the A-10 was designed to kill those.

    Now put ’em up against a Northstar and we’ll have a fuckin’ competition.

  3. a10 realistically speaking

    a javelin would take care of a scorch pretty damn easy irl

    in titanfall still the a10 it has the greater range aka guided weapons oh and might I add thermals no hiding

  4. I’m not a tank so I’m not existentially terrified of the a-10. Scorch is literally there to sear the flesh from my bones and make sandcastles from the ashes.