Who had the coolest stand.

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+883 – Who had the coolest stand.

2022-05-14 11:27:04

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  1. Iggy! Surprisingly powerful, had some great uses in N’doul, Pet Shop and Cream fight. Versatile, too.

    Yeah, it’s not *stronger* than Star Platinum, but shape-shifting sand creature is just awesome

  2. silver chariot cause i love robotic designs and his armour off is more interesting in a how does it function way

  3. Magician’s Red didn’t get enough attention. His fights were few and far between, but I really loved both his Stand sounds and his attacks!


  4. Hierophant Green gets too much shit, because of the 20 Meter Emerald Splash, but I really love his design and idea of him being Kakyoin’s imaginary alien friend since his childhood

  5. Silver Chariot is a completely mundane stand whose sole ability is being fast and a terrific swordsman, and the latter had to be honed by its user. And it still competes with all the wizard shit going on around it.

  6. Hermit Purple…Visually looks awesome

    most versatile, can read minds, interface with technology, divination, foresee future events, can immobilize objects by wrapping around them, lasso, body-armor and grappling hook.

    basically a handy rope that you control with your mind.

  7. I love how simple part three stands were. Powers were like, punch fast! Make fire! Have sword!

  8. i like joseph’s cuz of how versatile it is but objectively i like polnareff’s the most design wise im a sucker for armor

  9. Hierophant Green, honestly! It was super versatile in combat with short and long range attacks and could even possess people, which was immediately forgotten when Kakyoin stopped being a bad guy

    Edit: typo

  10. Silver Chariot is one of my favorite stands (from a design standpoint) in the entire series, so I’m gonna say Silver Chariot

  11. Jotaro, every stand has two things to help them in battle, a unique ability and a set of stats, Stat Platinum only had 1 of those things for the majority of Part 3 but it’s stats were just so damn good that he didn’t even need an ability. And then he still proceeded to get one of the most powerful abilities in the series. Nah Jotaro got the king of Stands in part 3

  12. Hermit Purple was criminally underrated, it could’ve done so much more than it did. Hierophant was entirely situational and depended on cramped/closed spaces, Magician’s Red was also underused, and Star Platinum is basically a cheat code

  13. Design-wise, I’d say Magician’s Red. It’s a buff bird man, and I think that’s great. Ability-wise, Hierophant Green is cool because it has a lot of variety. Sure that variety went mostly unused in favor of Kaitlin spamming (and mostly missing) Emerald Splash, but I think the little bits of Hierophant’s full potential that we DID see are awesome.

  14. I thought it was going to be between the JoJo’s but between the SCs? Absolutely Iggy. Everyone else is too barebones or has a unique stand that doesn’t do anything too impressive on its own (A tier created specifically for Hermit Purple, it’s power only really shining when paired with Hamon).

  15. The fool is so underrated, it is SUCH A COOL POWER with an interesting stand user, literally best dog, he can fool you but not my heart-