1800 year-old grave marker that warns “Jacob the convert…

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+5305 – 1800 year-old grave marker that warns “Jacob the convert swears upon himself that any who open this grave will be cursed.” in red paint, recently discovered in Galilee, Israel. Dating to Roman or Byzantine times. (1154×675)

2022-06-23 13:10:14

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  1. I really need to come up with a good curse to put with my body when I’m dead to freak future people out

  2. If you look at the first line you can see the guy’s name in Greek pretty clearly, Ἰάκωβος (Iakobos)

  3. I guess anyone could make this declaration about any grave. Was Jacob an obnoxious teen who snuck into a random cemetery?

  4. I hope that’s somewhere out of the way because it would be expensive to move the whole grave without opening it

  5. Makes you wonder what he believed in that went with swearing on oneself and believing in curses. Asking for a friend…

  6. Do you guys think it has been opened? Does stuff like this give y’all goosebumps sometimes?

  7. If someone buys me plane ticket, I’ll send open the tomb and we can find out if his curse game is on point.

  8. Can any Greek-reading scholars comment on the language used? Does the original text come across as articulate as it does in English translation, or is it more like DON’T DEAD OPEN INSIDE?

    And was literacy widespread enough at that time to make Jacob anonymous? Like, would everyone know who Literate Convert Jacob was, or were there several people with a similar profile who could have written something like this?

  9. Fucking Jacob is full of bullshit. If I told what he told me in the Roman baths when I found him with Kletus.

  10. *This specific redditor guffawed and was definitely cursed by this inscription.*

    Thanks for sharing, fellow redditor!

  11. I’ll volunteer to move it.

    I already broke some mirrors, had some black cats cross my path and walked under some ladders so I don’t really have anything to lose.

  12. You mean a cool curse like becoming a vampire or werewolf, or a regular old curse like athlete’s foot for life?