343 is thinking about adding MTX to MCC

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+6004 – 343 is thinking about adding MTX to MCC

2022-06-23 19:06:51

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  1. Seriously? They spent years unfucking it and now they want to refuck it?!

    Please Microsoft, move 343 onto something else or close them.

  2. This is absolutely disgusting. They’ve come to the conclusion that instead of making these points available through other means of gameplay… let’s try and get their wallets out again instead.

    Shame on you, 343. This isn’t acceptable.

  3. Next step, artificially inflate the time it takes to unlock spartan points. 343 would do this undoubtedly if it meant more people paying for their garbage af mtx scheme.

  4. Respectfully, shove it. Don’t put some bs “we’re giving the players an opportunity to…” spin on this. Can nothing just be a game anymore? Part of the fun of a **game** is *progression*. These words have been practically synonymous with each other since the first person to think up the concept of baseball. Physical sports require progression to become better. Video games require progression to both become better and earn rewards for that progression.

    We all know what happens when we add stores to video games. They become a profit maximizing venture first and foremost, followed by a hollow shell of whatever it could have been before the corporate analytics based drip feed roadmap sodomizes it and demanded a thank you.

    You’ve already disgraced Halo with your buffoonish handling of Infinite. Leave what we have left of the legacy experience alone. If you’re really that desperate for money because the servers are expensive and you can’t make ends meet, maybe try not squandering the opportunity to keep old fans and attract new ones by treating them like brain dead dollar bills and not cautious fans willing to give you yet another chance to dig into their wallets without a caveat. Have some respect for the people who have been and are still here.


    And you know what, the MCC, despite the criticism being primarily being shifted to Infinite for now, still has problems. A lot of them. The casual surface experience is perfectly fine, but there are still a ton of technical and mechanical issues and missing features to be sorted out with your development hand before you even think of dipping your greedy monetization hand into the mix.


  5. “Hmm, people seem to hate Infinite’s model and loves MCC’s model, what should we do?”

    “Make MCC’s model worse by comparison to push them to Infinite?”


    Seriously though, why ruin a good package with MCC and absolutely murder it and any good press that came with it? The one thing 343 did with praise across the board were the fixes and improvements to MCC. And now they’re going to shoot themselves in the foot with this????

  6. Maybe Infinite is hurting that bad they want MCC to become their main source of revenue now. Man 343, wtf. Seriously wtf happened to this dev. I would love to read a 15 page article about wtf is going on at 343, starting from their conception to now. Its just been non stop bad decisions. Its wild.

  7. Here’s what you do…

    Make it so every rank up gives you points regardless of what level you are.

    Boom. Done. It’s almost like it should have been that way from the start.


    If they *do* force MTX into MCC, well… Yeah, I’m done. 343i can suck a chode.

  8. They are pivoting their revenue goals to their successful product since their flagship has fallen off a cliff.

  9. How about this 343?

    You fuck off, leave MCC alone, and make Infinite more like MCC instead of screwing up the only decent modern Halo experience?

    I’m so over the incompetence that this studio exhibits on a daily basis.

    I almost want to call it comedic how out of touch they are, but it’s past a decade of being funny at this point.

    343 literally has had months of feedback on what people hate from Infinite and love about the MCC and their conclusion **WAS TO FUCK UP THE SYSTEM THAT WORKED IN THE MCC TO SQUEEZE THE FANS FOR MORE MONEY**

  10. Well, MCC is the only game right now that doesn’t have MTX and I’m surprised they are adding it in the future lol

  11. I’ve moved away from Infinite and back to MCC. If they try to monetize MCC, then I’m out completely.

  12. Yikes.

    Edit: Do not fucking do this to my “Definitive OG Halo Experience,” You Fucking Twats.

  13. Oof is destroying Infinite with microtransactions not enough 343? I get it was a half a billion dollar game but that’s not our fault

  14. Why not do what other older games have done and make leveling up crazy easy. Gears of War is a good example. It’s basically 4x XP every match or maybe even more than that.

  15. Well, it was a good run. I guess our luck had to run out at some point. 8 seasons of free content and now the bill comes due.

  16. Once again 343 loves to promise one thing, waits a year, then goes back on for money money money money

    And thus begins the fall of Halo’s sole quality game out on the market right now, RIP

  17. Not only is infinite fucked with mtx,
    now they want to fuck up MCC with it as well.

    Fuck you M$ & 343

    This industry is so goddam greedy.