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2022-06-23 22:32:01

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  1. Think worst experience I had was the team being taken out to lunch by the project manager, only to at the last minute tell us we have to pay for our own bills while making it seem like they were taking us out for free as a thank you for hard work on the project.

    I’m just like, so, you taking us out….is just us going on a regular lunch break, but even more expensive cause you chose a fancy place?

  2. Pizza party gonna work while I’m inexperienced and if it’s good pizza. Once I get a good enough understanding of how they’re shafting me I’ll see.

  3. Most people don’t even get a pizza party lol

    I got a $40 gift card for a turkey at some grocery store

    Like wtf? It wasn’t anywhere near Thanksgiving time. The most random shit ever

    Maybe they thought no one would use them and they wouldn’t actually be charged for it… Bastards.

  4. If staff is overworked, they need more support AND money. If they just give you money you’ll be happy for a couple months before discontent returns.

  5. i wouldn’t mind a pizza party if they actually gave us the pizza, pizza parties just left over pizas from after the office staff picked em over

  6. It’s never even a real pizza party…it’s like 2 or 3 large pizzas for 10 or more people to share. A party is at minimum 7 pizzas.

  7. I have had this experience, working a remodel… the shyster flippers got pizza to thank us instead they only paid 50% of what they owed. All work stopped and walked out. Took all the supplies and materials left as payment.

  8. “Money can buy many pizzas.”

    “Explain how!”

    “Money can be exchanged for goods and services!”

  9. I worked hazmat response for 2 years ,night shift minimum 60 hours. Plus on call weekends , we passed all of our inspections and license renewals for our plant. The mangers received a bonus for the year. We were personally thanked by the corporate guy who came in to tell us. He rewarded us with cold pizza from QT at 7:30 am… who also let us know we received the gift of being paid for all the overtime we were getting.. and to come. My manager favorite saying was ” I need you to stay late , but I’m going to pay you” followed by “what do you have going on that you can’t stay” he also would dip out of work after the nightshift guys would leave each day…. To work from “home”…

  10. I’m taking a whole ass pizza home for me and my grandmother to eat, as well as whatever merchandise I can fit in my lunchbox.

  11. Works in school too

    They overwork kids and bully them to the dust, but sweep it under the rug with shallow crap

  12. Greedy middle management aren’t Jedi, they’re just the week minded ones that fell for the mind tricks decades ago.