A modest proposal to revamp the Army’s logo: we deserve to…

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+2443 – A modest proposal to revamp the Army’s logo: we deserve to look good

2022-05-16 17:07:41

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  1. I like it.

    To be honest, a big improvement over what we have now.

    I’ve never liked that current logo, ESPECIALLY as a patch.

  2. It looks great, and you clearly put a ton of effort and thought into this. From the logo, to the patch, to merchandizing, you’ve thought about it.

  3. It looks great and you clearly put a lot of work into it. You should be reassigned to do this sort of stuff full time.

    While it’s great work what we really need is a General to come in and make a completely irrational and arbitrary decision based on what he likes regardless of what anyone else has to say.

  4. Two months ago I was inspired by a post on this subreddit: [“If you could redesign/pick a new US army logo, what would it be?”](https://www.reddit.com/r/army/comments/ts89e1/if_you_could_redesignpick_a_new_us_army_logo_what/). I thought that the core of the Army branding, the iconic star from WWII, was solid, as was the color scheme. But the star in a rounded rectangle with a wordmark in a separate rounded rectangle never sat well with me. Inspiration struck when I saw that thread, though, and after some positive feedback on a quick mockup I went to work on a proposal to revamp the Army’s logo.

    I tried going through channels official (US Army Brand Portal) and unofficial (u/SMA-PAO), but never got any response to my inquiries of whom I should talk to about this. So, I’m just going to dump it here for all of you fine folks.

    If anybody on here knows somebody who knows somebody, maybe we can make something out of this. Or maybe this was a fun little branding exercise for myself that won’t go anywhere.

  5. Looks much better.

    Hot take. I wish we had a cool symbol to wear on t shirts and shit or branch colors that were symbolic of the army like the other branches do.

    Marines have red and gold and the EGA

    Navy has the USN with the anchor symbol and their blue stuff

    Fuck the Air Force.

    We have black and gold I guess? Dumb color combo and the star is cool but kind of lackluster.

  6. Big Army meeting: PICK YOUR ADVENTURE!

    * **PERSON #1:** How about we figure out how to test people through a standardized physical testing means that offers not only ease of use but benefit to leaders to understand their strengths and weaknesses or to unfuck the the current APFT / ACFT fiasco that’s been in the works for 20 years and stop changing the standard to help fatties stick around?
    * **PERSON #2:** How about we unfuck the inventory of outdated equipment while running back-end metrics and inventory reviews on missing equipment from the shitstorm of an exfil from Afghanistan?
    * **PERSON #3:** How about a new logo that looks just like something we used over 70 years ago but just make it so that we show progress this week?
    * **SOME RANDOM PERSON:** Fuck Cooks!

    Seriously – nice job on the mock-ups and the fact that nobody replied is typical Army civilian support channels.

  7. That star gives me a raging hard-on. I loved seeing that star on vehicles both in person and in pictures. It’s so damn iconic for us, I don’t get why we ever changed it.

  8. Love it. Tracks with industry standard of minimalism. Agree completely that the US Army shouldn’t have to be written on it. I think it looked great in uniforms and the app, great touch.

  9. I like it, if we’re bringing back the greatest hits of the latter half of the 20th century, may as well bring the invasion star back.

  10. Like deadass serious, can /u/SMA-PAO actually get this in front of people who could actually make decisions? This looks slick as hell.

  11. Big fan, nice work man. My girlfriend is a graphic designer and really appreciated this too.

  12. I’m going to file for a trademark on this real quick and then if the Army adopts they will have to pay me a gazillion dollars.

  13. You did a really good job with this, not only did you mention having a new logo, you showed us examples on how it would look like in all category’s, with patches on acu’s and asu’s with the coin and website, really good job and I love it

  14. It looks nice, but don’t use the phrase “a modest proposal.” That was the title of a satirical essay in which Jonathan Swift proposed solving poverty by eating poor children. It was the 18th-century version of shitposting. The phrase is now used as an indicator that you’re satirizing the topic, not for suggesting a serious idea.