aligning yourself with known slave owners, adulterers and…

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+3268 – aligning yourself with known slave owners, adulterers and liars isn’t the flex you think it is

2022-06-23 13:23:43

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  1. While it varies from state to state, generally the red flag laws allow temporary removal of firearms from persons believed to be a danger to themselves or others. The only way I can figure this would have applied to the founding fathers would be in the case of either spousal abuse or abuse of enslaved persons. Can’t say this really applies to all of the founding fathers, John Adams is a good example. Either way, it’s an extremely odd flex.

  2. There is one thing I never understand about people like him who are gun nuts and praise the american revolution. They are (rightfully) against the british empire and for US independence but we can also be very sure that they would never support an armed independence movement in US territories like California, Guam or Puerto Rico.

  3. We could bounce the ball back into Mr. Noir’s court by informing him (an attorney himself);

    “The 2nd Amendment as it’s written isn’t for law abiding gun owners, but for those willing to break the law.”

  4. This fool will have a confused look on his face while the proud boys are dragging him to the gallows.

  5. The men who drafted the Declaration of Independence and other founding documents were mostly well-educated men who took pride in culture and stoicism, ignoring their bad sides. They would not have been walking around with shirts that said “fuck your feelings” and would have been opposed to everything the right wing is currently doing.

  6. Just spit balling here, but perhaps the government shouldn’t be considering the “at all times we need to be ready and willing to plow down the government with our guns” caucus in the crafting of gun protection laws?

  7. These idiots need to be reminded every single time they post this that Trump supports Red Flag Laws. Not for the same reasons we do (we actually care about public safety and keeping guns away from violent people – he’s trying to save his own skin) but he still supports them, and if these guys are condemning Red Flag Laws, they’re condemning their own messiah.

  8. They all act like they are living in this fanfic fantasy land in which they are the main character.

    A generation of Mel Gibson or Kevin Costner wannabes all believing 100% in their own bullshit.

  9. Lmao this dork thinks George Washington was running around shooting red coats and not a pampered aristocratic general

  10. Additionally in 1789, the Constitution granted the states the power to set voting requirements. Generally, states limited this right to property-owning or tax-paying white males (about 6% of the population).

    So once again, these people aren’t making the argument they think they are making… Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. Many Red Flag laws were signed in by Republicans anyway…

    The Jake Laird/Red Flag law was an Indiana Republican that was proposed as a federal law.

  12. Hopefully one day future generations will look back at us and think we’re all shitbags for knowingly causing the 6th mass extinction of life on earth the way we think the founders are shitbags.

    I mean billions of human beings are going to suffer, many will starve to death, die by exposure or other terrible means… but hey better than taking the train to work.

  13. I really don’t understand the obsession with what the founding fathers wanted. They lived 250 years ago, very different world back then. Why is what they wanted so intensely important to these people?

  14. We spend an awful lot of time lionizing men who never met a tax they would pay or a slave they wouldn’t rape

  15. Forgive my ignorance but aside from Washington did many of the Founders participate directly in revolutionary violence or were they mostly political idealists and commanders? People seem to think they were ye olde Expendables.

  16. Why do we compare shit like this to 250 years ago?

    We were ruled by a Monarchy thousands of miles away with no representation.

    We were in the frontier. We didn’t have a police force or a military. We didn’t have a unified form of government. Some people, of a darker skin color, were treated as property.

    Shit changes and has changed.

  17. I get the feeling Colion Noir would have been the happiest, most obsequious slave. Yes I feel gross for writing that but he’s got such a fucked view of American history as a black man that it’s sad.

  18. Imagine thinking that reporting friends and family who show signs of being a danger to society is a bad thing. Fuck Colin. That dude is a scumbag.

  19. The founding fathers were also fine with Colion being fucking lynched for breathing too close to a white woman. FOH

  20. Y’all do realise that every one of the founding fathers was okay with you being treated like property instead of a human, right? It’s almost like tines change and we should not define what we should do based on past people, weather they are religious icons from thousands of years ago or some politicians with good ideas from 300 years ago.

  21. I don’t recall any of our founding fathers being known as wife-beaters at the time, or any of them having a dr concerned they were going to kill random people.