Am innocent…todally dint steal moms cheese omlette when…

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+1578 – Am innocent…todally dint steal moms cheese omlette when she went to get coffee!

2022-06-23 17:05:31

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702 shares, 852 points


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  1. Your momma made her choice and took that chance….. 😎🐶🤫 I see no fault here

  2. It’s was those other kids you like, not me, someone else and I don’t know. That’s the culprits

  3. Aha, a sneaky little weenie. I’ve got one that does that too, I call him my little weasel. We found out the hard way if we leave a chair out by the table, he will use that chair to reach food on the table lol. I can’t stay mad at him though….the dachshund face is too irresistible.

  4. never stop leaving your human foods unguarded! this lil thief is totes worth the risk. especially…if u record it after normally walking away and sneaking back to try to record it

  5. My dachshund stole and ate a full cheeseburger and fries, I was gone for five minutes. All of it was gone! Not a morsel left over

  6. If we don’t guard our cheese omelettes against the watchful eyes of our weens, do we really deserve them? You earned it, little blue cutie. Enjoy. We silly humans can always make more. 😉