America, in a nutshell…

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2022-06-23 20:32:37

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America, in a nutshell… from TikTokCringe

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  1. I get that it’s fake but as someone who worked in retail for way too long, I can also see this easily happening. In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve dealt with customers similar to these multiple times.

  2. The interesting point for me is not if this is fake or not, but that we’re at the stage where the content of this video is perfectly plausible for some

  3. Honestly the customers acting is actually pretty good. If her lines weren’t so canned it would be pretty hard to tell if this was staged imo

  4. The fact that you can’t immediately tell if it’s staged because people are just *that* rude to service industry workers says a lot

  5. I used to live by this gas station. I know one of the people in her other videos. It’s honestly crazy.

  6. Holy shit, who cares if it’s staged? Redditors act like something being staged suddenly makes it a different piece of content. Enjoy the video (or not) on its merits and stfu about staged and fake already. It’s under every fucking video now. Jeez

  7. Im going to assume she was wearing a Biden shirt, a pride shirt or something along those lines, no way ppl are this rude, fucking hilarious

  8. I love how every redditor feels it necessary to say it is staged so nobody thinks they are stupid.

  9. What’s reddit’s obsession with calling everything staged lmao. Do you shout FAKE every 5 mins in the cinema? Just fucking enjoy the video who cares if its fake or not

  10. Staged. I live in the south and I’ve worked in retail, customer service, and waited tables. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone be this rude to me even once.

  11. “Bitch, I’m on a diet…just ring me up for 2 liter soda, cupcakes, and 2 full size potato chip bags and I’ll be on my way”

  12. The gait on the very first guy, I recognize that gait. Fake or not, he’s done with all this bullshit.