“Americans tend to think of the separation of church and…

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+4651 – “Americans tend to think of the separation of church and state as one of our foundational principles. And it was. But it’s not anymore. Nothing good can survive the conservative takeover of the Supreme Court. And it doesn’t take these conservatives long to dismantle whatever it is you hold dear.”

2022-06-23 15:39:33

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  1. Fuck it. It’s time to start protesting outside of churches like Christians protest outside of abortion clinics. Heckle the fuckers for their hypocrisy. Take photos of them. Call them scum. Fully embrace my first amendment rights while they are still legal.

  2. They stripped away Miranda rights today. You no longer have to be told why you are being arrested and you can no longer sue when you are.

    Shit hole country.

  3. Honestly, the christofascists have laid the first block on the road to violence.

    Minority rule, especially by extremist minorities, is only cured with a burn and rebuild.

  4. They even go as far as to deny that the Constitute mandates separation of church and state, even though that was fundamental to the founding of America in the first place. Incidentally, these same people interpret “a well-regulated militia” in the 2nd Amendment to mean “anybody that wants a gun”.

  5. These people are fascists.

    “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross”

  6. Nice to see that the entire idea of following precedent has been openly abandoned. Not to mention any pretense of a politically neutral court.

    These are dark times.

  7. SCOTUS just destroyed a key founding principle of the entire nation as enumerated by the Founding Fathers of the nation.

  8. Christian Conservative Republicans and MAGANazis are everywhere and they’ve fully-embraced Fascism. #Cult45 Proud Boys, Boogaloo, Oath Keepers, QAnon, Evangelicals, White Nationalists…

  9. Not to worry, everyone, this is nothing we can’t turn around within the next eighty or so years.

  10. Republicans have never liked democracy. Their goal has been to replace it with theocratic dictatorship.

    I fear that within 15 years America will turn into a theocratic dictatorship.

  11. Unfortunately, a majority of people vote with their wallets and not their hearts.

    If the economy is still super shitty, people will sadly vote for Republicans. Regardless of how social issues are getting really fucked up.

    Sometimes living in the US sucks.

  12. Yup! And I’m fearful there may be no going back at this point. The ONLY reason they failed is because Trump is too god damn stupid, incompetent, and has the emotional make-up of a spoiled toddler. His antics over the course of his admin had put officials on alert and made preparations in case he really did try something illegal. Which he did try. Make no mistake about that. That said, the damage he’s done and continues to do to our country may be our downfall. We’re now out the point where we watched them piss in jar and them telling us to drink it because they say it’s tea. The ENTIRE WORLD watched in horror the events of Jan 6th. THEY WERE THERE! We have their own texts PLEADING w/ Trump to call off the crowd. Today, they’re telling us it was a simple tour group. That they barely even recall the day as though that’s how unremarkable it was they claim. Combine this w/ the power they now have in the courts, I am EXTREMELY fearful for the future.

    But you know who I’m truly pissed at? Those who “just couldn’t vote for Hillary” or “weren’t inspired” to vote. We pleaded w/ them this wasn’t a fucking joke. Elections have consequences. But they responded by condescendingly looking down their noses and ignorantly proclaiming that they “vote for policy, not people” or that Hillary didn’t pass whatever fucking purity test they had. They’re the ones who sold out the country. And now were on the verge of Roe being overturned and contraceptives being next on their hit-list while they watch their LGBTQ and other minority friends turned away at restaurants, they have the god damn audacity to ask “how did this happen”? While I know history will be unforgiving to Trump and his supporters; it will be just as unforgiving to those on the left who enabled his ascension to the Oval Office. Just as we ask of Germans who lived in the 1930’s, they will ask people of today if they just couldn’t see it despite how obvious it was? Why did they ignore it?

    The tag-line from the novel Christian Nation, a story written 6 yrs before the ’16 elections and was scarily accurate in how their portrayal of the same election went, sums it up best I think. How did we get here? Well … they said what they were going to do … and they did it. We just didn’t pay attention.

    The only good thing for me is I’m on the down-slope. I won’t be here much longer I figure. But I am fearful for my granddaughter’s future.

  13. I think there’s a good chance that democracy is about to end. And if you want to survive you need to make friends with a conservative. In traveling through the south right now and I’m completely shocked that people here actually think the rump is good. For people to be that blind is truly concerning. And the way the gop has changed election laws will make it difficult for sane people to hold office.

  14. Me, friends, family have all been discussing more and more what the escape plan is.

    At first it was kind of a dark joke. Lately it’s become a bit more, idk…heavy? Like we want to joke about some things but it’s really not looking good. My gf’s family is of a religion/culture known to be opressed – a light way of putting it. They’re fearful. Myself as a POC and nonreligious person (once was a devout “born again Christian” in my past).

    Conservative nuts on Reddit will mock and say we’re overreacting. Just wait until they come for you.

  15. Can this stuff be reversed, eventually? Is there any hope that things will get better sometime soon? And how can that happen?

  16. As Martha Coyle said on the PBS News Hour, the current direction of the Supreme court is to elevate the Free Exercise Clause of the Constitution over the Establishment Clause. We’re clearly in uncharted territory here and we don’t know how far they’ll take it.

  17. Start buying guns or start looking for other countries to move to. You can try to stick it out but eventually atheism will be illegal like it is in other theocracies.

  18. Sooo…I am assuming down the line they’ll start burning Atheistic Spiritual types like me again?

  19. The future will look back the the last three big decisions, elimination or reproductive choice, forcing states to fund religious schools and eviscerating moderate gun control measures as an inflection point where the road to christian extremism really gained the upper hand.

  20. This is no longer the “United States”. We are violating every principal of the founders. There needs to be a name change.

  21. The SCOTUS has become the *Volksgericht* of the Republicanazi Party and its MAGAt moron dupes. It will not stop until the U.S. is under the control of an evangelical “Christian” version of the Taliban.

  22. Unfortunately for conservatives, there is a separation of church and my house, and anybody who tries to unify that separation is gonna get my right to bear arms shoved up their ass.

  23. Isn’t more accurate to say “about half of Americans tend to think of the separation of church and state as one of our foundational principles?” One of the two major parties is constantly god-flogging and they win elections like half the time.

  24. You have to remember that the founding fathers specified In the federalist papers that they wanted an institutional separation of church and state not necessarily a separation of values as western culture and Protestantism are closely tied together. I’m saying this just for the sake of argument

  25. When’s the majority of the country going to start sealing out. You guys are just letting your country fall apart.

  26. Just out of curiosity, was there actually a “seperation of church and state” when the country was founded enshrined in law or at any point after? I’m not American so I’m unfortunately not as familiar with the country’s law as I could be.

  27. I used to admire than principle in the US and thought you were more advanced than the rest of us. But then the Internet happened and I realised Americans actually drag religion into government far more than the rest of us in practice. And now even the principle is caput. So a theocracy with a side dish of gun worship seems to be the only American Dream these days.

  28. It would be nice if the court would just let everyone know what parts of the constitution still apply and to whom, and what parts of the constitution don’t. Why do we need court cases to tell us the first amendment no longer applies, or “ equal protection under the law” doesn’t apply to lgbt people or black people. And can we just make it clear that laws don’t apply to wealthy republicans at all unless they harm an even wealthier republican.

  29. SCOTUS should have a time limit. And no second terms. The idea that so much of our lives can come down to nine out of touch assholes for literally fucking decades is absolutely insane.