Baby has no worrying symptoms, she’s just ✨yellow✨

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+886 – Baby has no worrying symptoms, she’s just ✨yellow✨

2022-05-16 18:25:08

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  1. I don’t understand the cognitive dissonance between “I’m worried about my baby still being yellow after 5 weeks” and “I won’t let them test his blood unless I’m worried about something and everything’s 100% hunky dory”

  2. We had to go back to the ped/hospital 3x after discharge to check my seconds numbers and he just barley passed to not be readmitted because we were such freaks about having him sleep in the window and pushing fluids to flush it out. That was the first week of life, I can’t imagine a 5 week old still jaundice being safe

  3. So she’s going to wait until she sees the brain damage occurring from the lack of liver function before she lets them draw blood??? Good lord, these babies are screwed.

  4. Your baby being *fucking yellow* doesn’t qualify as the “one worrying symptom” to warrant a lab draw?!


  5. My baby had to be under the lights for 18 hours.

    I was on the magnesium so I don’t remember precisely but I do recall the pediatrician saying something about getting sunlight and putting the bassinet by a window occasionally

  6. Do they think that their baby being yellow means that their baby is just a little yellow…? Like… that is indicative of an internal problem that could become very serious very fast (and most likely is starting to become serious at this baby’s point).

    When severe jaundice goes untreated for too long, it can lead to Kernicterus which is a type of brain damage. Kernicterus can cause cerebral palsy, hearing loss, permanent central nervous system damage, eye muscle issues, learning disabilities, seizures, tremors, muscle spasms, poor teeth development, comas, and death… Jesus Christ

  7. CPS. Jesus, let’s just let your baby go into liver failure cause you see nothing wrong with persistent jaundice.

  8. If she refused the vitamin K shot and is exclusively breastfeeding (both considered likely based on the dogma to which the unassisted types tend to subscribe), baby may be a bit jaundiced from sub clinical bleeding events. That seems like a long time to still be jaundiced post birth.

  9. “I refuse to get my baby’s blood checked to make sure her liver is okay because she doesn’t have a symptom I am worried about. She’s just yellow. And I’m worried about it.”

  10. I was a yellow baby! Now that I’m an adult I have severe vitamin D deficiency and have to get shots for it or my legs hurt so bad I can’t walk. And that was *with* my parents actually listening to doctors and such. I know jaundice isn’t a major issue but I feel for this poor baby anyway!

  11. When my son was born I kept getting conflicting advice about feeding. He was very jaundiced, so the doctor said to make sure he eats a lot, but also to make sure he sleeps a lot. You hear “never wake a sleeping baby” so when he was really tiny I thought if he was sleeping for a long time that meant that was what his body needed.

    So when he was 2 days old he took a 5 hour nap and I was a bit worried but so unsure of what to do. When he woke up his eyes were going opposite directions and he had no control over them or his face, he couldn’t eat and I freaked out and ended up calling an ambulance. We didn’t realize how yellow he had become while sleeping, but we had pictures of him earlier that day and it was a terrifying contrast. There really was no correct answer in my mind, I guess I was supposed to have woken him because it’s more important that he eats and poops to help get the bilirubin out of his system. His body was working incredibly hard to fight it off and he ended up needing to spent almost a week in the hospital under the UV lights.

    He still has a bit of a lazy eye that the doctor has said could be related, but can’t really be known for sure. It’s not incredibly noticeable, but I feel guilty whenever I see it. Poor little guy.

  12. The worst part of this is that if she hadn’t insisted on no doctors at all, she could have fixed this in a couple days with a UV light or nursing by a window/outside. But now, it’s going to be a lot worse for that poor kid.

  13. As a pediatrics resident – this is highly concerning. Bilirubin peaks days 3-5, sometimes later depending on baby’s risk factors. The biggest concern with jaundice is neurologic damage (kernicterus). Most pediatrics offices can do a transcutaneous bili level at the very least to make sure it’s not dangerously high. But this baby is pretty old for jaundice – the least harmful cause would be breastmilk jaundice, but other causes could cause serious permanent damage and become life threatening.

    Anyway, OP, pls tell this mom to get a transcutaneous bili level if you can

  14. Is this in the U.S.? Bc sometimes I wonder if this is really a financial thing. And the need to justify spending the money and then if something is wrong, being able to afford it. Obviously I’m not condoning it but the amount of times I’ve seen it being the actual reason and not this “natural” shit is both sad and infuriating.

  15. Rub castor oil on their liver? I’m pretty sure it’s frowned upon to perform DIY surgery on an infant

  16. Both my babies have been mildly yellow and, therefore, been closely monitored. Neither qualified for lights, but I sure as heck was keeping up with appointments to make sure they stayed healthy! My brother and I both needed the lights. We were actually sent home with them. I can’t imagine NOT checking up on that.

  17. >unless there was one symptom that made me worry

    > my babby has been jaundiced for 5 weeks, wat do?

  18. Back in the day in Mexico It was standard practice to leave a jaundiced baby in a box out in the sun for a bit. I myself was a box baby! I don’t see people doing it anymore thanks to easier access to the internet and doctors, thankfully. What’s these women’s excuses??

  19. OMG… its really dangerous for babies bilirubin levels to be too high for too long, it will damage their brain. Why… why is it so hard for people to take a newborn to the doctor when there is something wrong 🙁

  20. Jesus. My kid was yellow by the evening of day 3. The next day at her first pediatrician’s appointment we were sent for blood work and the doctor called shortly afterwards saying to come back because she was admitting her to the hospital. Her bilirubin level was high enough to potentially cause brain damage and she need triple therapy – lights from above, below, and an IV flush.

    All total we were there for 12 days because she also ended up having low blood sugar after the jaundice resolved. I can’t imagine what kind of issues having jaundice at 5 weeks could be causing this poor baby.

  21. I like how they fully acknowledge that this baby is suffering from liver failure and yet still end up at the wrong conclusion.

  22. I feel like these people are lacking a fundamental instinct to protect their young…they seem to value online popularity and belonging to a group over keeping their children alive.

  23. Considering bilirubin is toxic to the brain I would say it’s time to put down the ridiculous belief and fucking get your baby some care

  24. The level of nonchalance in these posts is infuriating. Then to look to randos on the internet for advice and opinions instead of people who have studied medicine for years is doubly infuriating.

  25. The kicker is, when she finally caves and takes the baby to the hospital, the baby will have brain damage and she will swear up and down the damage was caused by the doctors and it her criminally negligent parenting.

  26. I don’t understand how a simple cough, nevermind looking like a banana, would not send your parental instincts into overdrive.

  27. Jaundice is super common within the first couple weeks, and easy to treat with modern medicine. Babies digestive systems kinda suck even though it’s the first thing to start developing. But it seems like she can get to a hospital and can afford it, so yeah, that kid shouldn’t have jaundice right now.

  28. If the hospital knows about this, which I’m assuming they do bc she knows they won’t treat without blood work first, wouldn’t this be a good reason for the hospital to inform CPS so maybe they can assist in doing what’s right for this poor baby? Sounds like neglect to me. When severe jaundice goes untreated for too long, it can cause a condition called kernicterus. Kernicterus is a type of brain damage that can result from high levels of bilirubin in a baby’s blood. It can cause athetoid cerebral palsy and hearing loss.

  29. My son was born jaundiced. We were told sunlight and pooping would fix it in a week or two. We took him out for daily walks in his stroller, he had the pooping part down already, and was cleared up in 9 days. These people are just dumb as fuck