Bamboozle gone wrong

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+11806 – Bamboozle gone wrong

2022-06-24 01:43:09

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Bamboozle gone wrong from HolUp

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  1. Did the others know he was gonna do that? Because it didn’t seem like anyone else really gave af lol

  2. Same energy as “if you leave, I’ll kms”. Oh you wanna scare me? Ha! Look I’m having a seizure

  3. haha good one I will rem this just in case someone tries to scare me and I will do the same thing hehe I’m so bad boy

  4. I have a heart condition. Had like 6 heart attacks in a 2 month span.

    Would be nice if no one ever jump scares me like this.

  5. To be fair, if a prank messes with anyone’s emotions like that it’s pretty fucked up.

    A quick spook doesn’t count really but I could imagine the concern everyone would start feeling right there. That’s extremely uncomfortable but lol it is funny.

  6. Faking a seizure isn’t funny. Seizures are traumatic and can end up with a good samaritan calling 911 to assist you. I have epilepsy so maybe I’m oversensitive, but if I were there I would immediately spring into action to help this guy and then be extremely pissed off. I’m not an easily offended person by any means, and I’m not “offended” by this; it’s just not funny. Sorry to be a killjoy.