Blahaj 😳😳😳

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+3187 – Blahaj 😳😳😳

2022-05-16 10:53:41

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  1. N O

    Even if you did, it would probably feel horrible. Stuffing? I doubt that would feel nice.

  2. “oh how bad can it be”

    – me, 5 minutes ago, free and pure having not clicked on this image yet

  3. Just fyi peeps, Å is spelled Aa if you don’t have the letter or when it’s for international purposes!

  4. Look, I know you’re desperate to have *anything but that* between your legs, but I’m not sure GRS to have a blahaj down there is… sensible

  5. They bought a blahaj for sexual purpose?

    And thus denies me a blahaj for emotional support purposes ? (They’re out of stock in France)

    This deserves jail sentence

  6. Why cut a hole and ruin it when you could send it into a certain website that custom adds a Fleshlight to any plushy you send in… I mean what I totally don’t know any *whistles*

  7. i like plushies way more than the average person (too much) so i just assumed blåhaj was ace

  8. I’ve seen teddy bears and such modified in such a way. Basically you sew a pocket into it the body that fits a fleshlight, then slide the fleshlight into the pocket when you want, ahem, special time with your stuffy.

    I’ve never seen it done to a Blahaj in specific though.