BREAKING: Remains of Brittanee Drexel found, Raymond Moody…

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Authorities have made an arrest after locating the remains of 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel, who went missing from Myrtle Beach in 2009.

Georgetown County Sheriff Carter Weaver confirmed the discovery during a press conference on Monday afternoon from the Georgetown County Judicial Center, during which he announced the arrest.

Authorities accused Raymond Moody Monday of burying a deceased Drexel. His charges include rape, murder and kidnapping, and he is in custody, according to officials.

The previous week, human remains were found during a search effort in a wooded area close to the Harmony Township subdivision. Officials said dental records confirmed the remains belonged to Drexel.

Days earlier, Moody had been jailed on an obstruction of justice charge. Moody was previously identified as a person of interest in Drexel’s disappearance, though law enforcement had said in the past that there was not enough evidence to name him as a suspect.

The search, which resulted in the discovery of the remains, happened approximately 2.5 miles from a motel where Moody had been living when Drexel went missing.

The teen, a Rochester, New York native, was visiting family members in South Carolina when she disappeared.

Several law enforcement agencies were represented at the press conference. Speakers included Sheriff Weaver, Myrtle Beach Police Chief Amy Prock, FBI special agent in charge Susan Ferensic, 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson.

Richardson confirmed that Moody does not currently have a bond for the new charges.

Drexel’s parents, Chad Drexel and Dawn Pleckan, also spoke from the podium, asking for privacy at this time. They did note that there would be celebrations of life in both Rochester and Myrtle Beach in the future.

The two concluded by thanking law enforcement for their work on the case, adding that they were ready to bring Drexel home.

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  1. One of the worst things about it is if he’d served his whole sentence from 1983, he’s still be in jail today.

  2. It’s insane that she has actually been found. Her poor family. But at least now they can choose how to honor her. Gosh, it would drive me insane to imagine those awful things happening to my kid, and I’d absolutely want her body back. It’s not closure, but it’s something.

  3. So Taquan Brown lied about Timothy Taylor’s involvement in her disappearance just so he would get a better deal. Pathetic.

  4. Holy cow, these past two years have been absolutely amazing for uncovering answers to some of the biggest unsolved crimes.

  5. So that whole Timothy Taylor and alligator pit thing was a lie?? I wonder if they could have solved this sooner if they hadn’t been so focused on that.

  6. Her poor family has been through so much…first believing she was sex-trafficked, then being told she was gang-raped, shot and fed to alligators. Glad they finally have closure, although the outcome is devastating.

    Rest In Peace, Brittanee.

  7. >The teen, a Rochester, New York native, was visiting family members in South Carolina when she disappeared.

    I thought she’d gone to spring break with friends without her families knowledge?

    Bad reporting?

  8. I’ve been following this for years. While of course nothing is solved until the court case is finished, it feels surreal to realize we now have some idea of what likely happened to Brittanee.

  9. So glad her parents can finally lay her to rest and stop wondering what happened to her. Hope this POS suffers every day for the rest of his miserable life.

  10. Bittersweet obviously. Glad she’s been found, this is one of 3 I’ve followed closely for years. Others being Crystal Rogers and Cheyann Klus, hope they too get resolved soon. Rip Brittanee

  11. So glad she can finally RIP

    Am gobsmacked the fbi signed off on that amazingly heinous view of her last days only for it to be a lie.

  12. The article says she “was visiting family members in South Carolina when she disappeared.” Not true. She was staying at a hotel with friends over spring break. And she went without telling her parents.

  13. Truly terrible.

    Seems like either he talked or someone with very close knowledge of what he did talked. No other way they’d manage to find the exact location of the body and charge him after this long.

  14. Jesus. I knew she probably was not alive but hope against hope….
    All she wanted was a fun break and ran into a nightmare. I can’t imagine her suffering and last thoughts.

    I’m so sorry Brittanee.

    I’m glad her family has some answers and at least some closure.

    Side note, another example how we can’t ever give up on justice for people missing 10+ years.

  15. I’m so sad for Brittanee. I feel like there was a lot of hate directed her way because of the whole trip situation, and she really just was the victim of an evil person. She made some silly teenage decisions but anyone who blamed that originally is plain wrong – she was the victim of a monster

  16. I can’t believe I believed the whole alligator story. Once in awhile a confession from a criminal is legit but you see this happening so much. What a cruel story to make up about a missing girl

  17. This is one of my “pet” cases. I have been really emotionally involved in it and with the rumours of her being in the alligator pit, I was sceptical she would ever be found. This news, both that they found Brittanee and this man is charged, is amazing. Mostly, I’m so happy her family gets to bring her home and lay her to ready, finally. RIP, Brittannee, you can rest now.

  18. Glad her family can finally put her to rest. It’s sickening that Taquan Brown caused Brittanee’s family so much pain with his lies.

    Rest in peace Brittanee and wish the best to her family at what must be a terribly difficult time for them.

  19. Literal chills reading this. Brittanee’s case has stuck with me for years and I’m so glad she’s finally getting justice.

  20. Finally; it’s great that her family has the right answers (that whole informant thing was insane and particularly cruel on Brown’s part) and some remains to bury or do whatever rites they need to. I was beginning to think it’d be like April Pritzer’s case where they still haven’t found her and the persons most likely to know what happened died.

    RIP Brittanee.

  21. I’m so glad that Brittanee has been found and can be laid to rest properly.

    Her killer can rot in hell.

  22. HUGE shout out to everyone who tirelessly works these cold cases. This one has bothered me ever since she first disappeared. I really hope the bastard(s) get some hard time meted out.

  23. Another broken evil monster let out of prison to kill.

    More effort needs to be put into identifying prisoners with sadistic psychopathic personalities and make sure they never see the outside world again.

    Clear out the prisons of non-violent offenders and fill them up with the paedos and the rapist-murderers.

  24. Fair winds and following seas as she’s laid to rest, finally, although whatever essence we all have has long made its journey to whatever comes next for us.

    Her poor family.

  25. Wow I’m so glad they found her and are able to bury their child, but I’m so sorry that they ever even had to go through this. Praying for the Drexel family and praying the scumbag Moody gets what he deserves

  26. At least her family knows where she is know and can bring her remains to be properly laid to rest. Just so fucking heartbreaking for her parents.

  27. I’m from the same city as her and this has always been a huge deal in this area. I’m glad her family will finally get some peace.

  28. Glad they located her remains. Now she can be brought home to be laid to rest. So sorry for her family and friends.

  29. This one never felt like it would have a resolution. I’m so so glad her remains have been found!

  30. Amazing news, her poor family can put her to rest now. I can’t imagine how horrific the last decade has been believing she may have been left in a swamp.

  31. This is the case where she snuck out and went without her parents knowing correct because this article makes it seem like it’s a totally different case.

    It doesn’t even bring up the Timothy Taylor accusations and the alligator story.