call me crazy, but this is a top 10 episode right here,…

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+2266 – call me crazy, but this is a top 10 episode right here, probably top 5

2022-06-23 19:23:13

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  1. Definitely top 5. I don’t care what I’m doing, if I have B99 playing in the background and this episode comes on, I stop whatever I’m doing and watch it.

  2. Holt’s rant about doctorates is one of his best scenes in the show.

    *I’m sorry, apparently that’s a trigger for me*

  3. This isn’t only the best episodes of B99, it’s one of the best episodes of TV in 20 years. And it’s a freaking bottle episode!

  4. What kind of car did Robert drive? Also, Dana from the bar, what color was her hair, and which night does the cleaning crew sterilize your office, and have you ever been up to where the body was found, and when you left your phone at the office, was it plugged into your computer or an outlet, and did you kill him, and what did your cab driver look like?

  5. This is my Favorite episode period. It’s 1 location, basically only 3 actors, and it’s a masterpiece. If anyone asks for an episode to watch if they are interested in starting this show, I show this one.

  6. Anyone that also watched Homicide: Life on the Street recognizes the greatness of this episode. Seeing Frank Pembleton in the box again was a gift.

  7. This isn’t a crazy opinion lol, it’s widely considered one of the best episodes of the show

  8. Call me crazy but the episode that is widely regarded as the best episode is one of my favorite episodes

  9. I don’t think that’s crazy at all. In fact I would say a majority of people have that episode as their very favorite. Myself included.

  10. I still chuckle every time when Holt calls Kevin and goes ”the tickets are under my name” and then starts spelling it out