Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?

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+4897 – Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?

2022-06-24 02:29:36

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  1. Child: *MELTDOWN* – “I WANT X!”

    Parent: Okay here you go, here’s X.


  2. I feel this. When I was a little kid, I made food coloring-dyed hard boiled eggs with my grandmother for Easter.

    I thought that this alchemy caused them to turn into the Cadbury Cream Eggs that had always tantalized me on commercials, but had never tasted.

    I asked my grandmother – at the very end, displaying a truly Herculean effort of patience for a child my age – if I could have one. Before dinner no less!

    Upon opening it, and finding just a hard boiled egg inside, if I had known the words to use, I’d have said, “This is bullshit.”

  3. I have 2 kids – a 4yo and 2.5yo.

    My 2yo recently started these fits.

    She wanted a packet of noodles but we had no noodles in the pantry. 2.5yo comes in and asks super nicely for a packet of noodles.

    I explain nicely that we need to buy more.

    She then goes “PLEASE!”.

    I explain again we need to buy more.

    She once again goes “PLEASE!” With even more veracity in her voice.

    I explain one last time we have no noodles

    She storms out of the room and throws herself on the lounge crying into a pillow.

    I agree, the toddler period is wild

  4. Earlier I told my daughters 7 and 9 to put there bowls in the sink after dinner. The 7 yr old had a meltdown cuz her sister put ‘her’ bowl in the sink instead of her own. Ended up putting both bowls back on the table so she could put her own bowl away and she was fine after that. Parenting takes the patience of a Saint sometimes.

  5. When I was a kid I found some coins down the back of the sofa. Was very upset when that sofa didn’t continue to pay out daily

  6. My toddler is only 1.5 years old and now going through a phase where he’s going through everything. Yesterday I turned around and he had my husbands pp ring in his hands playing with it like it was a hairband. I ripped it out if his hands before it went into his mouth. Last week he went into my purse and broke my glasses. Good times.

  7. My Lil step brother (6) got mad earlier because he likes to make arguments about fucking arguing and said “I’m gonna hit you” I say “Don’t or ima tell ur dad” (j usually don’t, cause my step dad gets frustrated when his son is bad) but he grabs a piece of cut pool nodle and tries to hit me with it, I cathc it and he tells on me and gets himself in trouble.

  8. Big talk for someone not confirming whether there were or were not eggs in the box. I’m team egg toddler. Team Eggler.

  9. I can verify this right now.

    Mine is currently having a tantrum because…. I have absolutely no idea.

    He has no identifiable concerns or demands, he’s just squealing.