Can Texas actually do this?? They’re trying to appeal gay…

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+890 – Can Texas actually do this?? They’re trying to appeal gay marriage. (From the Republic party website)

2022-06-23 18:51:45

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  1. For a country that prides itself on freedom it certainly leaves no actual freedom. America needs a new slogan

    Land of the oppressed, unless you are a straight white Christian male then it’s the land of the free. Bit of a mouthful but certainly more appropriate than land of the free

  2. Welcome to the new theocracy, where separation of church and state means nothing and everyone must abide by the cherry-picked lines of the Bible, regardless of personal religious affiliations.

  3. With the way SCOTUS has been churning out decision and decision (soon to overturn Roe v Wade — criticizing the same precedent that gay marriage is based on — and remove the regulatory power of the EPA and all other such agencies) and the growing rabid fascism from the GOP across the country…

    Yeah, actually. It’s very possible, I’d say within a few years, if not even next year.

  4. They also are trying to refuse acknowledging any gay marriages from other states, as well as making it so only heterosexual couples and singles can adopt children… my partner and I were wanting to get married soon and eventually her adopt my son. This makes me physically sick…

  5. I think people need to understand that progress isn’t an upward slope, looking at history really exemplifies this. There are probably many instances in human history that would surprise those unfamiliar with it with how progressive society was for the time. I’m pointing this out to say that yes, this is possible and likely will happen if it’s not met with the same energy. Whenever there’s a period in time where progressive laws and cultural attitudes seem to rise, there will likely be a reactionary movement with the goal to undo that progress and more.

    I’m not one for fear mongering, but I don’t think enough people, particularly so-called “allies”, understand the severity of this current situation.

  6. I mean there’s a lot of mind boggling stuff there, but them talking about how we need to make sure more kids get adopted so they don’t get stuck bouncing around foster care, before proceeding explain how they want to drastically cut the amount of couples who can adopt.

  7. Believing that heterosexuals are the will of god is just the way of satisfaction of their ego with dictatorship of blind faith

  8. Do you think they’d actually get away with this? I feel like the protests and uproar would be unbelievable but then again I thought the abortion stuff would never happen either. I’m a Canadian so I’m not super knowledgeable on all of this but I really hope gay marriage is never overturned in any state, it was such a breakthrough for the community and to reverse it would just send us back so many years…

  9. The answer is yes, they can, because when Dems controlled all three branches of government, they were like, “We won, now lets fuck off and not do anything to actually help people… oh USAF, want 5 billion dollars for a piece of shit aircraft that turns itself off when you fire a missile? Here ya go!”

  10. The biggest problem is the supreme court doesn’t seem follow a separation of church and state if it abolishes abortion they will definitely come after same sex marriages.

    I have to shake my head knowing that there are more persons of color on the supreme court than ever before in history willing to take the nation back two steps in progress. However, I’ve known for awhile that upper classes in the black community tend to be more conservative than other groups.

  11. Id like to start this by saying im not a lawyer just follow american politics a lot. I will try to just state the facts and not go off on how pathetic this whole thing is.

    This whole discussion about gay marriage began because when the abortion opinion was leaked, Justice Alito said in his opinion that gay and interatial marriage should be overturned and would be left up to the states. Gay marriage is currently a constitutional right so no state can ban it. However, if this were to overturn, which I think and hope is unlikely due to its enourmous popularity (polls show around 70% of americans support gay marriage which is massive) and the logistical nightmare (do marriages become naught, force divorce?), it would go to the states.

    When/if that happens, it would be kind of like with the abortion cases. The states that have laws in place to ban gay marriage would trigger and in that state alone it would be banned. What would happen to all the marriages that are registered, I don’t know. No one does.

    To even overturn gay marriage is not a simple thing. As in the supreme court cant simply decide it will overturn the Obergefell decision. Someone needs to make a case in a lower court and win, and basically run up the courts until getting to the supreme court. Which would take years and maybe by then one can hope that the court has been expanded.

    Now I also want to add that this is the R-TX kind of plan and “morals”. These are not all Texans and doesn’t even demonstrate all of the Republican Texans feelings. Again gay marriage is hugely popular. Around 50% of republicans support it. In fact it was a joint effort from a democratic lawyer and a republican lawyer (the guy who essentially elected Bush during the whole Bush vs Gore debacle) that defended gay marriage to the SCOTUS. Also Texas in the previous years has become less Red. Biden lost by like 5 points and Austin, Houston, Dallas all massively blue. So this would be hugely unpopular.

    Also I would like to add that the protections to LGBT+ people are a separate issue that the president has a lot more control over. In fact Biden is planning to expand on the protections to LGBT+ people as a response to all the transphobic laws being passed across the US. And with this issue I am not quite sure who has final say, as in if SCOTUS can overturn POTUS, so I wont comment on that. But this can be undone by a future president. A lot of what Biden wants to add in terms of protections to Title IX, is a lot of what Trump had removed.

    That is why congress and SCOTUS are so important. Any executive actions that the president does, can be in the future undone by any president. Its not so easy to undo laws passed by congress because its not just one person. You need the house and senate and a majority in both.

    That being said crazier shit has happened. If you are worried you can always go to a lawyer and set up powers of attorneys and all the other rights given in marriage just in case the US goes even more to shit.

    Apologies for the length. Hope it was helpful anyway.

  12. The leaked Supreme Court ruling specifically mentioned targeting Obergefell next. They are saying this because they know the Court has their back.

  13. You’ve drawn red to a few sections, but I read the whole thing and there might as well be a giant red flag watermark over this entire document. I knew the anti-lgbt and womens rights items would be bad, but almost all of the foster care and adoption items are sickening. These proposals would stand to make lots and lots of money off of separating children from their families

  14. bitches be like, a separation between church and state is necessary. This is not bitches

  15. “we support the definition of marriage as a God-ordained, legal, and moral commitment only between one natural man and one natural woman.”

    Where tf is the separation of church and state? i’ve always thought it was incredibly controlling and tyrannical to impose YOUR religious beliefs on other people just trying to live their lives. As they always say to us about being gay: I don’t care what religious practice they do in private, but don’t push it on us!!

  16. “Texas” the state is not doing anything with this documentation. That’s just the state’s Republican Party platform, a list of things the local Republican Party ‘officially’ believes, not anything that actually pertains to law. The Texas Democrats have their own platform. Every state party releases its own set of beliefs, called their Platform, in which they outline what they do and don’t support, in order to attract voters.

    There is nothing in a party platform that constitutes law, until legislation is passed to support that platform (and even then, the platform still isn’t the law, the law is law).

    So, can they say this? Sure. They can say whatever they want. It doesn’t mean anything till they pass legislation indicating it does.

    And when they do, that legislation will be challenged, all the way up to the Supreme Court, at which point, given the nature of this court, marriage will likely be overturned.

    But so far, no law regarding that platform has been passed, and yes, they can say whatever they want, there is no “appeal” (indicating legislation/legal action) in the sole existence of that statement.

  17. okay now i’m crying lol. i live in texas and have a long term girlfriend and we really wanna get married in a few years. can you tell me how you got to that part of the website please?

  18. This/that is fascist bullshit, they should not be able to do that. I am so glad I moved back home to Japan. At least here we are safe, for the most part, from that shit.

  19. Like 99 percent of this platform is straight up illegal. These whackjobs also wanna secede from the Union.

  20. They’re Pro life but will let thousands of kids sit in foster care and adoption centers because they don’t want lgbtq+ parents adopting them. So stupid

  21. With THIS Supreme Court? Yes. Once Roe dropped people warned gay marriage was next and some people for whatever reason didn’t want to believe it.

  22. technically, anything that they mention religious ought to automatically be worth nada, but as of the current supreme court, that’s a little more wishy washy

  23. they are also try to strike down the equality act which equals men and women and the same one where you can’t discriminate based on race. awesome isn’t it:)

  24. Yes. Obergefell, Roe, and Loving were all decided on the same constitutional principle: the due process clause of the 14th amendment. Obergefell is next.

  25. Thankfully, this looks far less like a political appeal and more like what this branch of the party believes.

    I’m just stating facts here, so don’t shoot the messenger.
    Can gay marriage be overturned state by state? Yes. The federal government doesn’t legally or constitutionally hold the right to enact marriage laws on the states. That being said, it would be far harder to appeal gay marriage than abortion, as both partners in a marriage are consenting, as opposed to abortion where one party cannot consent. (this is one of the reasons why there’s such a strong possibility for Roe v. Wade to be overturned)

    There’s a good chunk of the Republican party that is opposed to these above-stated views, but as of recently, those who approve of gay marriage are being excommunicated from the party. The Log Cabin Republicans of Texas (the gay republican society of the USA) recently complained that they were [kicked out of the GOP convention](

    I’m not sure what’s in the water right now, but the anti-gay movement is currently highly motivated and hyper-aggressive.

  26. What about late bloomers? If you adopt as a single but enter a same sex relationship later, do you get prosecuted for fraud? Are gay couples who use insemination next on the block?

  27. Also…

    Oppose any criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose homosexuality out of faith, conviction or belief in traditional values.

    Are they saying they support hate crimes without consequences with this sentence?