Can’t imagine why they didn’t show the end product

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+1864 – Can’t imagine why they didn’t show the end product

2022-06-23 16:48:26

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Can’t imagine why they didn’t show the end product from StupidFood

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642 shares, 846 points


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  1. Mmmm, nothing like overcooked eggs, overly greasy bacon, and burnt biscuits with raw centers in the morning

  2. Let’s cook everything in the opposite order and put the fastest cooking thing in first! What in the hell… and that massive sausage chunk.

  3. Lol you cam hear her at the end
    “OK so now I’m gonna flip the eggs”

    And she just pokes them with the tongs lol

    What a fucking mess. That whole house is gonna stink forever.

  4. Does she have no concept of or concern for the different cook times of these items?!?!? Like those eggs are already past done by the time she adds that 1/3lb sausage patty. Just careless

  5. Pst, did you know if you get cheap biscuit dough(in the tube) cut it small and deep fry it then toss it with some sugar, you’ll get something similar to those donuts at the Chinese restaurants?

  6. They actually do show the end product, the actual ending is the girl trying everything and getting to the sausage ball, she cuts it in half and its still raw in the middle and she says “ohh yeah that’s definitely gonna be good, everyone likes medium rare, can’t wait to try that” then the video cuts. Really wish they would’ve eaten the raw sausage.

  7. Ok yeah the eggs are REALLY bad, but not washing your hands at all after touching the raw meat? That’s unforgivable.

  8. This is so wasteful and stupid.. And all that waste and buffoonery is just so Internet strangers will show them attention and tap the like button…

  9. Those eggs were overcooked before they put the sausage in. No edible food came from this exercise.

  10. I recently tried deep frying eggs. Gotta say, they don’t suck. Well, except for the fact that they’re oil rags.

  11. Listen, deep frying your entire breakfast is dumb, but at least do it right.

    Fry your biscuits first (honestly we used to make quick donuts by breaking up Pillsbury rolls and frying them then tossing them in sugar).

    Then you fry that ridiculously thick sausage patty and possibly the bacon as well depending on how crispy you like your bacon (I’d definitely wait a couple of minutes before putting in the bacon). Also make sure that sausage patty hits an internal temp of 165F so you don’t poison yourself on top of the heart attack you’re going to get from this breakfast.

    Do your eggs last because they’ll take less time then you think.

    Drain everything on paper towels, season, and enjoy your heart attack, I mean breakfast.

  12. Anyone else find these not just stupid but offensive? Food prices are rising everywhere. Meanwhile half the stuff on this sub probably never even gets eaten.

  13. In the full video (from mistieknight) she pulls everything out and cuts into the sausage “patty” – it’s still raw in the middle. burned eggs, raw sausage, one disgusting trip to the hospital…

  14. Stupid food is one thing, but just seeing people basically throw a ton of food in the trash is another. Both my parents grew up experiencing what it was like to go to bed hungry, and they made sure their kids never did. They also taught us to not waste food.

    Old man rant over.

  15. Ngl, I was less looking at the cooking than the products. Wtf are those “biscuits” in tin can?!

  16. Why would you start with the ingredients that cook the fastest and put in the ones that take the longest last

  17. If cooked in the right order, I would wreck that. I’d feel like shit after, but I’d do it again.

  18. Please do not fucking lay things TOWARDS you when putting things in oil.

    I cannot fucking stress that enough