Celtic mythological creatures

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+2156 – Celtic mythological creatures

2022-06-23 19:43:12

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  1. Is it ”creature (Wet)” cos they’re magically constantly wet or just cos they live in the british isles. If Woman (Wet) moved to morocco would she be Woman (Wet), Woman (Dry) or Woman (Wet, magical) (Dry, phyiscal)

  2. How could you forget

    – Frog (old)
    – Bird (old)
    – Deer (old)
    – Fish (old)
    – Man (very big)
    – Jack (Jack)

  3. *Image Transcription: Tumblr*


    Celtic Mythological Creatures:

    – Fucked up little guy
    – Fucked up horse
    – Woman (dead)
    – Woman (Wet)
    – Woman (dead) (wet)
    – WIZARD


    Don’t forget: Fish (knows too much)


    – Horse (wet)


    List of available genders

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  4. My favorite thing about actual medieval monster books is that you’ll find shit like “Guy with dog head” next to such mythical creatures as “Hippopotamus” and “Tall Woman”.

  5. Are banshees considered Woman (Dead) or Woman (Wet) (Dead)? Because I really vibe with the idea of being a banshee lately. Just fuck around in the woods and occasionally scream at a dude because his grandma’s about to die.

  6. Considering I’m technically an ex-cowboy I think I’d fall under the category of Wizard.