[Charania] Sources: Kevin Durant is monitoring the Brooklyn…

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+9156 – [Charania] Sources: Kevin Durant is monitoring the Brooklyn Nets’ situation and considering options with his future. This now opens the path for Kyrie Irving to proceed on finding a new home via opt-in and trade.

2022-06-23 20:08:00

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  1. Is there supposed to be more to this tweet lol? The first sentence doesn’t seem to suggest what the second sentence says

  2. opt in and trade? who is dumb enough to pay kyrie 36 million dollars to maybe play half a season for them

  3. Honestly think the Nets would be right to blow this up rather than try to keep the team together with gum and duct tape.

    Kyrie on a long term deal is probably the best thing you can do for 2022, but it’s going to hamstring you beyond that. And I don’t think this iteration of the nets can win with KD and Kyrie.

    Kyrie has gotten way too unreliable

  4. Insane how quickly you can go from

    “James Harden, KD, and Kyrie all on the same team? Sounds unbeatable”

    To now, where they might lose everyone and be stuck with Ben mf Simmons

  5. This tweet doesn’t make sense to me. What if KD doesn’t want to leave as long as Kyrie doesn’t?

  6. Can we just step back and think about what counts as journalism right now.

    “Kevin Durant is monitoring the situation and considering options”

    What else is his option?

    “Kevin durant knows nothing, is considering nothing”

    What does kevin durant “monitoring and considering” mean with regards to “opens the path for kyrie irving?”

    This is so stupid.

  7. I doubt anything will happen but interesting to think about where he’d go.

    First team that comes to mind is New Orleans. It has the picks and the team to make a trade that could entice KD.

  8. He is under contract until 2026. Teams probably need to offer the biggest trade package in NBA history

  9. So what, he’s going to sit it out and request a trade if Kyrie gets traded? That has to be the ultimate scumbag move, right? Like I get you came to Brooklyn with Kyrie so you could have a team together, but one of these guys isn’t holding up his end of the bargain. And seeing how Kevin doesn’t own the team, he has to realize there’s still a give and take when it comes to player/team responsibilities.

    The Nets have held up their end of the offer, KD has held up his, but has Kyrie? You can’t pay him the $40m and expect the same BS that’s being reported, that’s for sure.

  10. Kevin Durant has decided to take the hard road one more time and has signed with the Boston Celtics.