Curtain Call 2 (In the new From Detroit to LBC video)

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+285 – Curtain Call 2 (In the new From Detroit to LBC video)

2022-06-24 02:39:19

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  1. I wouldn’t help but laugh if all these album rumors since last September/October cumulate to a greatest hits album.

  2. Imagine his new album is similar to HIStory by Michael Jackson in the sense that Side A is a greatest hits showcase whereas Side B is all new stuff

  3. he literally says on the verse im here to stay plane as day maybe he’s just using the curtain call name but it’s the project with legend features on it that everyone has been calling for

  4. Em has stated repeatedly in recent albums and features he’s not done. I think it’s dope he’s dropping a Curtain Call 2; hopefully it’s a capsule of all his biggest moments since ‘09, plus a “side b” of new stuff. If he did that and then took time to craft BME2 and another classic album that’d be epic

  5. If he decides he’s done making albums that doesn’t mean we’ll never hear from him again relax people

  6. Y’all are absolutely exaggerating this!!! He won’t be retiring now. When he really does retire we will get a final album and he will tell us it is the final album. There’s no way he’s stopping when he’s still in his 3rd peak

  7. I do think this won’t be a greatest hits album. I think it’s him actually putting out his last album and retiring, or implying he’s likely stepping away from making albums, but not music totally.

    Although, I think the naming it as a sequel is odd. A more fitting title for his last album would something like “The Final Act” or “Show’s Over”, etc.

  8. I don’t get how an extended hits album would work in the internet streaming era though. Don’t get the logic behind this. Has any other artist who’s big on streaming platforms released a greatest hits album in the last few years?

  9. Y’all are overreacting. Even if he “retires”, rappers retire all the time. So I would not really swear this too much.

  10. Just cuz Curtain Call was a compilation of greatest hits and little new music doesn’t mean ll will be the same he’s Eminem lol it doesn’t have to make sense

  11. Nah pretty sure this was meant as a meaning that a he could make a second curtain call if he wanted to, not that he will. Also interesting lyric “Maybe I’ll relapse what the fuck”, could be surface level or be hinting at a sequel album coming (breathing some fresh hopium rn)