Daily Shop (2022-6-24)

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+463 – Daily Shop (2022-6-24)

2022-06-24 00:00:44

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  1. Ngl every time I see or use Knee Slapper I always imagine how good it would go with Mancake. But sadly I don’t own him so I’m still waiting for a remix (birthcake please epic)

    Also bring back Butter Barn Hoedown!

  2. I feel like the first Naruto items were WAY better, in terms of how the characters look, but maybe that’s just me-

    also the rest of the shop is bad IMO, probably for the new Naruto collab

  3. Why tf can only gaara ride the sand cloud?! That’s so dumb. And in no way does itachi’s default style include a cape. THATS A GODDAMM CLOAK! Tf

  4. Yeah wasn’t expecting Kalia with the Naruto stuff coming out tonight. They’re also taking their sweet ass time with Beach Jules surprisingly.

  5. Can someone explain to me the logic behind never putting the naruto run in the shop when the naruto characters are there?

  6. i wish we could combine these bundles however we wanted, like for example getting kakashi and itachi or itachi and sasuke (buying them individually is actually more expensive if you do the math)

  7. I’m happy for the people who enjoy the Naruto skins, even though the general consensus is that people don’t care or find the second wave of the Naruto collab to be worse than the first.

    But… can we talk about how ***especially*** bad/poor quality/low effort the bundled-in Loading Screens for the second wave of Naruto skins are? Compared to the first wave; they look like someone had a midnight call to create something in 15 minutes before pumping it out with the bundle. They’re only Loading Screens but it’s a shame that the effort reflects how much overal thought they might’ve put in with the entire second wave.

    But I digress.

    We’re returning to mediocre shops again~

  8. I have never watched the show, but they look cool

    I do think it’s dumb that one of them is 1,600 despite not having a backbling. The built in emote should’ve just acted as a replacement or something

  9. Cool for Naruto fans but I’m upset they just didn’t put beach Jules in the shop with the days and days of old summer skins

  10. Just waiting for Kelsier to come back, since I was off the game for years until coming back with No Build and missed him last year.

  11. I main Tomatohead so I’m going to get Hothouse as an “upgrade”. I love how they can make such a goofy concept look cool.

  12. it’s a good shop for naruto fans, but unfortunately I’m not a dumbass naruto nerd I’m a dumbass dragon ball nerd

  13. I love how the Naruto skins just came out and everyone is just talking about the other stuff