DPRK Twitter Moment

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+458 – DPRK Twitter Moment

2022-05-16 18:26:52

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292 shares, 811 points


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  1. 14k likes, DPRK flag…

    Does Twitter not realize they are a tool for propaganda bots?

  2. I have a degree in Economics.

    The other day someone was trying to get a local subreddit to impose rent control in our city, and I commented saying that incentivizing more housing supply is a better proven method to lower rent than rent control. I immediately got hit with an anecdotal account of rent being cheaper in his last city with rent control, and was told to prove my comment with sources.

    Half way through pulling together academic sources from my undergrad I gave up – he wasn’t gonna read them anyways. Not worth the time.

    Like – If my Engineering buddies said told me a fact about bridge load capacity, I wouldn’t ask for his sources? I’d figure they’d have some idea after 4 years of study.

  3. Economics is the only academic field where I’m 100% certain 99.5% of the people in it are smarter than me

  4. Lol even the cryptobros think highly of themselves when it comes to economics.

    This guy ain’t special

  5. Quantum physics is one of those fields I can confidently say I’m like smarter than 95% of the guys in the field.