Dr. Barry J. Marshall

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2022-06-24 01:02:29

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  1. “Sometimes you gotta do things yourself…40,000 years of evolution and we’ve barely even tapped the vastness of human potential”

    -Dr. Norman Osborn

  2. One would have thought that Australian beer would be the universal cure for something like that…

  3. I replicated this research with the bacterium smallus coccus. Sadly I couldn’t find the cure

  4. But then later even more research has showed “it’s complicated!” Read Why Zebras Dont Get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky it’s really excellent and enjoyable

  5. Shocker they rejected his hypothesis. I feel like this happens in the medical field way too often.

  6. If you or people in your family have issues with the stomach -> test for h.pylori. You can buy a test kit at the pharmacy or even at the supermarket (USA)

  7. After my friend’s mum got diagnosed with stomach cancer from this bacteria going untreated I went and got tested. Turns out 50% of the population has it and it’s treatable!!! I had it and took a week off antibiotics to get rid of it. It can cause terrible reactions to food and alcohol and quite allot of pain. It was a really easy test. Just had to blow up a balloon at the pathology.

  8. Thanks to this man I was tested and treated for this before it turned to stomach cancer. Modern day hero!

  9. Not a doctor or researcher, what is the general ethical-medical opinion on self tested human experiments? Much different than when you do it on others or do people not care what with it being yourself?

  10. The medical community seems to have a huge history of not believing doctors. I mean that dude that wanted to have the docs wash hands before delivering babies was laughed at for years.

  11. Yeah and the guy who tried to prove that entamoeba histolytica was a pathogen did the exact same thing, and then died, because E. histolytica is a very serious pathogen.

  12. If this was in a DC or Marvel comic, this experiment would’ve resulted in him getting superpowers.

    Seriously though, he put himself at risk for all mankind. That’s heroic, if still rather dangerous.

  13. Discoveries don’t happen within the academic circles or by peer review.

    How can those who haven’t tried judge what you do?

  14. Looks like a pretty cool dude.
    He helped a lot of people with his drinking of the gross thing.

  15. This literally made me the sickest I have ever been. I am so thankful to this man!!!! 80 antibiotics in 10 days later, I felt like a new fucking human.

  16. Dr Marshall was mocked for years. Brilliant concept to down a beaker of h pylori in front of his staff. He knew he had the cure.
    My dad had ulcers and suffered most of his life taking useless meds and things that made it worse. Eventually the VA Drs cut his vegas nerve. Helped not feel the ulcer pain. He also did not feel the angina that was developing and died of a heart attack at 57, prior to Marshalls breafast beaker.
    Antibiotics quite likely would have saved his life.

  17. I’ve had H. Pylori for over a decade. I’ve had anti-acids the majority of my life. Sometimes I just HAVE to throw up because of how bad it gets. I’ve gone to gastroenterologists. I’m always put on anti-biotics but it comes back. I’m gonna die of throat cancer in my 30’s. gg. It’s been a frustrating ride for me.

  18. The ridicule only increased after he self-experimented, too. It wasn’t until the results were reproduced in others’ experiments that he was vindicated and gained the recognition he so rightfully deserved.

  19. Survivorship bias, you just don’t hear about the dead doctors who did something similar but failed.

  20. I was in Nursing School when this happened. Some of the instructors were gobsmacked. One of them made a point of it to say: *”Never ignore the obvious.”*