Everybody wants modded suits, while I just want a mod to…

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+3130 – Everybody wants modded suits, while I just want a mod to bring the Chrysler building back.

2022-06-23 11:15:52

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  1. I know it’s more effort because maybe you need more iterations to get the right spot…

    But I prefer the GTA approach with similar and recognisable versions of real stuff.

    It baffles me that they chose to slap a generic building instead and call it a day. At least try something (but I guess all resources are focused in the SM2).

  2. Not only do I want the Chrysler building back, I want them to get the 1WTC rights and expand on areas that were more generic than they needed to be. Get the neighborhoods feeling more lively and unique throughout the island.

  3. mod wishlist:

    – the great view building

    – those missing spidey suits that we all love

    – og face pls

    i can’t wait for the pc release

  4. Could they get away with a look-a-like? I’m sure it was discussed in their meetings but I see no reason they couldn’t. You see similar stuff in other games and media.

  5. I hear the Chrysler is a great place to think and get away from it all, but personally? I hear the Empire State building has a better view

  6. I’m not from New York. And I didn’t even know this building existed before it was gone in MM. But why is is so important? It just looks like a downgraded Empire State Building to me

  7. They could name it the Crysalis Building with almost identical design and its not copyright infringement.

  8. What I don’t get is they couldn’t get the WTC in either, but they had a building that was pretty much the WTC but just different enough to not alert the copyright dementors. Why didn’t we get the same with the Chrysler building instead of this generic stand-in?

  9. Let’s crowdfund it. We’ll all pitch in and buy the building, then we’ll allow it to be in games again. EASY!