F/23 blonde or black hair I am super conflicted

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+645 – F/23 blonde or black hair I am super conflicted

2022-06-23 18:38:46

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  1. That’s a very subjective question😅. I personally prefer your black hair look. But I’m sure you will find both opinions so just find what you feel most comfortable with and go with it.

  2. I think you look great in both but I’m personally inclined to say black, you have nice dark eyebrows and they compliment your black hair better

  3. Based on the pictures, I am of the opinion that due to your skin tone, dark hair suits you better as it offers more contrast to your face.

    Now, I’m not saying blonde hair doesn’t look good on you, what I am saying is that dark hair looks better. Based on what I see, you look great either way. That said, When people with extremely fair skin tones opt for very light blonde (platinum or ash) hair, it is my subjective opinion that it often doesn’t offer enough contrast to the hair to properly frame the face.

    Please reference the skin tone chart here for the next bit of information: [https://i.redd.it/j2p58h3437j71.png](https://i.redd.it/j2p58h3437j71.png)

    Judging by the pictures provided and what’s on the chart, I’d place you at approximately at an A2 or B2, with warmer undertones than what this chart provides, depending on the lighting. If you *really* want to rock blonde locks, I’d recommend tanning 1 shade darker.

    If you are unwilling to tan, consider a blonde with more yellow as it will allow the undertones in your hair to mix well. You should be able to achieve that color by just leaving the bleaching agent in for less time, but since I’m largely unfamiliar with the amount of time it takes (as a guy, when I don’t go bald, I like to have highlights put in, but don’t regularly do that due to the expenses involved in raising two children), you would know better than I do about how long you actually need to do it for.

  4. I’m not the biggest fan of the blonde, but have you thought about doing a deep red? Maybe burgundy or an auburn color?

  5. I prefer the brown, but only because the blonde is too bright and one-dimensional for your skin tone. If you really want to go blonde, I recommend going to a professional stylist who can lighten and tone your hair to a complimentary blonde shade.

  6. Your dark hair makes you look like a literal goddess! I really like the photo with your striped dress. I could see you in a movie about Greek or Roman mythology 😍

  7. You look great both ways but I definitely agree with others here that the dark hair suits you better. Do what you want and have fun with it. You’re beautiful and have gorgeous curls 😊

  8. Dark hair, absolutely. You look amazing with the darker hair! I feel that the shade of blonde in the other photos doesn’t really suit your skin tone.

  9. As a fellow dark-haired woman, I have wondered the same. Dark hair compliments your facial features, and blond is more striking. If you are having trouble deciding, maybe try highlights?

  10. Im leaning towards darker hair but you’re really styling it with the blonde. Looking so good!

  11. Different styles, both are looking equally really good on you! Do whatever you feel like in the moment!

    I see many say black hair suits you better, and I think it’s a smoother attitude with the black hair, it fits your natural colors in a way that there’s no big contrast and looks calm on the eyes.

    The blond is more of a statement and give of a cool attitude. It’s a bit of a contrast to your natural colors and i like that!

    Just don’t take all the comments as if you don’t fit in blond, you really do. I think it’s more of what style and attitude people like. So go with your mood!

  12. Personally I think black because blonde with the black eyebrows looks strange to me, plus your natural hair color is gorgeous and compliments your facial features and eyes

  13. Blonde but with lighter makeup! The dark combined with the light hair is a little unbalanced.

  14. Black 1000%. Every time black hair. I think the contrast between your eyebrows and the blonde was kinda grungy. It’s giving 2009 manic pixie dream girl

  15. Is there something different about your eyebrows in the first photo? I like them, they’re cute.

  16. With blonde hair and black roots you look like a 90s Italian pornstar, with your natural hair color you look fine