First time on 4chan, 2min in and this pop up

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+3031 – First time on 4chan, 2min in and this pop up

2022-06-23 13:19:28

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  1. Sometimes I wonder how they even manage to come up with this stuff?

    Like surely there are better ways to channel your creative energy.

  2. *Image Transcription: 4Chan Comments*


    >>880668137 (OP) #

    It’s because white women have melanin receptors in the vaginas meaning that exposure to melanated penises gives them more pleasure than pale ones. It’s literally science that black guys fuck better


    >>880668137 (OP) #

    so? and 87% of white men would fuck a black woman who gives a shit

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  3. My girlfriend’s vagina has evolved from simply having melanin receptors to actually being a full on laser scanner. It’s super convenient for price checks when grocery shopping, but I am regretting that barcode tattoo now.

  4. “It’s literally science…”

    Really? What experiment was performed in order to determine this? What was the hypothesis that the experiment aimed to disprove? What were the controls? Methods? Has the experiment been reproduced by other teams? Which university or other entity did the work? Have any contradicting studies or experiments been considered?

    *Are they really, really sure they know what the word science means?*

  5. I don’t understand this dude’s conclusion that “black guys fuck better.” Obviously none of this is true, but even if it was, that’s not really the conclusion. For one thing, apparently only white women have these receptors, so it only affects one race, and the only reason they get more pleasure is because of the melanin level of the dick, not the skill of the guy using it. I prefer hamburgers to hot dogs because they taste better to me, but that doesn’t mean that hamburgers are better at satisfying hunger.

  6. Seems like a lot of bullshit science to say “I get turned on by black man/white woman porn because it’s taboo to me due to my underlying racism.”

  7. This is a step past “not how girls work” and into “not how mammals work” territory…

  8. Wow I had no idea about that. Do you think a “melanated” penises would cure my vitamin D deficiency?

  9. 70% of 4chan is people making stuff up like this for fun.

    30% legitimately believe what they are saying.

  10. It don’t usually laugh out loud at internet humor, let alone stuff not meant to be humor, but this did get a chuckle out of me. With the weird obsession with black men f***ing the white women I suppose it was inevitably that somebody somewhere would think this.

    I guess “literally science” just means any time you explain your fantasies with ideas and terminology from biology. “It’s literally science (fiction) that black guys f*** better”

    Love the response from the other anon.

  11. 23 year old incel with a learning disability teaches “science” to a 16 year old drop out who is abused by his racist father

    Peek quality 4chan. Surprised they used the word “Black” honestly.

  12. I understand the concept of lying to yourself to make yourself feel better- we’ve all done it at some time. But making up bullshit to make yourself feel *worse*, to luxuriate in the misery of of it? Very strange.

  13. I mean, its 4chan. What did you expect? A formal debate on how to best optimize centrifugal pumps? You go to 4chan looking for this stuff and you folks are surprsied that you find shit like this. You only ever venture into 4chan if you look for very dumb shit.

  14. Ive said this before but good lord caveman science is one hell of a drug, incels can come up with all these conspiracy theories of how they think women are but can’t take the time to actually communicate and listen to a woman??? Smh

  15. I’m so confused… How does this even come up in the convo, I really want to see the rest of the chat