Gatekeeping fantasy characters – my first find in the wild.

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+1889 – Gatekeeping fantasy characters – my first find in the wild.

2022-05-16 12:37:54

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  1. I mean I prefer my goblins to be long nosed, pot bellied, stinky psychos. But whatever you want your characters to be is what they will be. Doesn’t have to fit other people’s preferences or based entirely on source materials.

  2. Nah, I run games of D&D and honestly, I’m not opposed to that test. For *already established* worlds. If you’re running your own world, things can look like whatever you damn well please.

  3. I mean, as much as I support freedom of creativity I thought it was Poppy from lol (who’s a yordle) so they kinda have a point.

  4. Idk, this is like calling “Gatekeeping” when people criticize female armor for being a metal bikini while male armor in the same setting is just full plate with a helmet. You can go “WELL MY ARMOR CAN LOOK HOWEVER I WANT, STOP GATEKEEPING” but it’s the underlying issues that stem from that choice that the post is probably drawing attention to.

  5. Goblins are an established fantasy race. If you want a pretty looking green woman, why not choose a different race or make your own?

    Would you consider a 1,5m tall guy a giant? Or a green man with cat ears a lizardman?

  6. Honestly? I kinda agree. I mean yeah it’s a fantasy creature so you can call it whatever you like but that’s like taking an elf, painting it green and calling it an orc.

  7. I mean, I kind of get where they’re coming from. If you change basically everything about a creature other than it’s name and skin colour, you can’t really say it is one of those creatures. If I drew a guy who turns into an anthropomorphic wolf creature every full moon, who can only be killed with silver bullets, and whose bite infects others with the same curse, then said ‘Oh that’s not a werewolf, it’s a vampire’ that would be kind of dumb wouldn’t it?

  8. There’s a whole lot of gatekeeping going on in the comment section of this gatekeeping subreddit post.

    People are making the character look how they want it to look. That’s completely up to them. If you want your goblin to look like a pot bellied pig beast creature, then do so. But if they want it to look like a green skinned human, then that’s their choice too.

  9. Naw, this isn’t gatekeeping. It’s totally accurate. Goblins should not look like green gnomes.

  10. Honestly a part of me kind of likes the idea that Goblin males are these tiny pot-bellied subhuman freaks and the females are all just cute short girls with green skin and weird teeth. That way if you want a QT 3.14 goblin gf you have to deal with her male relatives trying to stab you in the ankles and steal your gold all the time.

  11. I mean I guess I have the same preference, but idk if I care strongly enough to enforce that onto others.

    If two fantasy races become too similar to each other then it’s hard for me to justify them both being in the same setting unless you make them different ethnicities of the same species, but also I know there are people who don’t like that.

  12. Maybe it’s like the goblins in Piers Anthony’s Xanth series: Male goblins are ugly and evil while the female goblins are pretty and nice, lol

  13. Nah I agree, your goblin shouldn’t look like a color swapped halfling.

    Like guy, if I said wheels have to be fucking round that’s not gatekeeping at least not to the degree where you have any right to bitch and moan about it.

  14. I mean they’re right and wrong, depending on the intention of the game. It’s a roleplaying game so what is defined as “right” is up to the DM. There’s plenty interpretations on what is right tho, there’s RAW (rules as written) and RAI (rules as intended). There’s plenty of reasons why people interpret it in their ways and why people don’t allow certain things. A DM not allowing someone to play a super sexy character as a goblin just because it’s green could be because their description is “They are short, ugly humanoids that stand just over 3 feet tall. Their scrawny bodies are topped with over-sized usually hairless heads with massive ears and beady red or occasionally yellow eyes”
    And from the looks of that picture it’s not even close to the written description of what a goblin is, and it would be on par with drawing a bird with wings saying it’s a penguin. It’s not correct per definition.

  15. Well it depends…yeah in my world goblins aren’t just short green humans. But also they’re not even real so???

    do what you want. Onne we gave Tracer a dick there were basicaply no rules.

  16. Goblins aren’t real. Does he know that? It’s kind of important to me that he knows that goblins don’t actually exist…