Gee, if only there were warning signs…

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+32721 – Gee, if only there were warning signs…

2022-06-23 12:58:39

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  1. Also “This isnt a gun problem, its a Mental Health problem” – Then proceeds to cut state budget for mental health, enact policies where kids cant allow to come out as themselves (lgbqt+) which causes more mental health problems, enact policies to take away health care and funding for people in need which are supplemental factors with Mental health, etc… Im sure there will be another reason besides “mental health” next time as a reason to oppose any gun control.

  2. For those interested:

    > Elsewhere [to social media app Yubo] online, Ramos allegedly had talked about buying a gun on Instagram and wrote in Facebook messages that he would shoot his grandmother and an elementary school, according to the Post

    > Ten days before the shooting, Ramos allegedly wrote in a message “10 more days,” the Post reports. But when someone asked him if he was “going to shoot up a school or something,” Ramos allegedly replied, “No, stop asking dumb questions. You’ll see,” according to the newspaper.

    Via [Crime Online](

    The article also explains how he would send strange pictures like dead cats to girls online, and had such opinions as, “everyone deserves to get raped.”

    Red flag after red flag and still nobody stopped it.

  3. Force them to answer on why America has such a severe mental health problem then. Low wages? Rampant corruption? Media and politicians pinning us against ourselves?


  4. “There was also plenty of facebook posts where he threatened to shoot a school”

    “Nope, no warning signs whatsoever”

  5. I mean, boys will be boys. We all have threatened to kill and rape someone. Possibly in that order, right, boys? /s

  6. Abbott and his enablers don’t give a shit about sexual assault. After signing the 6-week abortion ban that eliminated exceptions for rape victims, he said he would “eliminate all rapists.”

    O rly? Why not actually test the rape kits still floundering in state and municipal custody? Why deprioritize them for years? How many of them wait or have waited 6 weeks or longer to be tested?

    The [unrelated] Tim Cole Act was passed because the Texas government decided to not test a rape kit before imprisoning an innocent man, who later died in prison. It was only after testing the rape kit that it was discovered the crime had actually been committed by a serial rapist, who was caught and convicted after Tim Cole, and who died in prison before Tim Cole did.

  7. There will be greater mental health issues when teachers have to shoot/kill a student they were teaching. When shootouts happen in classrooms when someone will want to commit suicide by teacher….the republicans really haven’t thought this through…

  8. revamp our background check process? flag people who have police reports for questionable activity even if no charges were filed or conviction made, and then give them a hearing to state their case.

  9. There are allegations if a coverup in the Columbine shooting to this day. That, far from being quiet loners, the shooters were chronic troublemakers who had repeated complaints made against them, all of which were ignored. Also an allegation that at least one of the victims was shot by the police in error, the coroner report has never been released.

  10. Yes. Cops are “shall not be infringed” types, and they won’t seize guns. On top of that, cops are barely high school graduates, what fucking training do they have to assess someone’s mental health? 0.

  11. I totally agree in the mental health problem. These gun advocates are all mentally unhealthy

  12. Someday guns will be mostly illegal and we’ll wonder why it took soong to reach the obvious conclusion. Like blacks voting or gay rights, the argument for greatly outweighs the arguments against, and looking back that’s so obvious to us but it took them decades to get either of them to be legal. I’ll guess the catalyst will be kids who cowered in classrooms from shooters joining politics in next couple of decades

  13. 18 year old, wants to buy a beer…

    Conservatives: “Hell no! You are too young and mentally undeveloped to handle that choice!”

    Also conservatives: “An 18 year old wants a bunch of guns? Here ya go, no questions asked.”

  14. “You passed the mental background check!

    So go ahead and buy this overkill assault weapon that’s designed to kill multitudes of people in quick succession.

    You know. Like mentally healthy people like to do”

  15. It’s only a mental health problem when they need to change the subject. No one is talking about mental health when mass murder happens and gun control isn’t the topic. Like war, terrorist attacks, everyday crime, people running people over with cars etc. The vast majority of all of these people including mass shooters have absolutely zero diagnosable mental health issues. Because there isn’t some psychiatric disorder that makes people commit mass murder.

  16. is this uvalde or somethig else? sorry havent had my phone for a while to learn about news

  17. Yep. Cops had been involved multiple times with him and his mom for domestic violence, neighbors described physical fights in the front yard, all long bef9re he bought the guns in May. Even a misdemeanor DV conviction disqualifies you from buying a gun, he should have never passed NICS

  18. “But he was suspicious and we reporte….”


  19. It is very common for the signs ans reports to be there. No one in society seems to care anymore to actually do something and make a difference

  20. As it turns out, some people who don’t think certain people are people kill people who they don’t think are people.

    Why is this complicated?

  21. “Nothing could have prevented this” in country where this is a regular occurrence.

  22. Red flag laws save lives. Reporting friends and family who show signs of harming others is an effective strategy at stopping people like Ramos.

  23. how many different ways does texas need to tell women, they are not people in the eyes of the state?

  24. Also: he talked about racial genocide on Facebook and was reported multiple times but never had his account disabled and nobody ever looked into it

  25. My brother committed suicide last month. He had guns in his house and a previous attempt that people were aware of but had failed. If proper shield laws had been in place the guns would have been taken away and he might still be alive. Fuck this bullshit.

  26. A misogynists got a gun and killed people. How could anyone had known a misogynist would be so evil.